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Enjoy the download from the FLOW ANGELS! Love Jana xx Jana Kingsford B.Comm PR Pro (Biz+Kid)Juggler, Big Dreams Strategist Business Block Buster, Make It Faster Master Writer · Entrepreneur · Crazy Course Creator Chief #LittleLauncher at Launch A Little Course I’m here to help you Unjuggle · Dream · Launch            BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMP starts MONDAY –  AFFILIATE LINKS TO SELL BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMP & MAKE 50% JANA AFFILIATE SIGNUP – JANA AFFILIATE LOGIN – SWEET SUCCESS SYSTEM – I’m adding a limited time only 6-week BONUS mastermind LIVE round of SSS. if you’ve been sitting on the fence. Believe me, it’s the closest thing I can get to capsulate what I do in my 1:1s and also what I do with myself because I’ve never found a mentor that mentors me like I can mentor others. It’s always self-agendered. If you want to explode your success and you’re committed to reaching your greatest potential and exploding your self and your success all over the place… I would love to hold space for you to do the realest work I’ve ever created… Sweet Success System which comes with a BONUS one time only 6 week mastermind live round! Just join through the normal linnk and you’ll be automatically hooked into the LIVE round! WARNING the Sweet Success System is spiritually channeled, it’s not like anything else I’ve created. SSS is about YOU. It’s kinda magical and I’m ready to let it out into the world and reveal my completely channeled side and subconscious reading skills… This is NEXT level awareness of where you are in the success scale... read more

Stop staying stuck.

This little post was meant to be about the webcast today – but it turned into so much more than that. So first up: Here’s the link to join the webcast – for the mindset + mechanics + marketing behind my #1 best selling amazon book in only 25 days Today I’m telling the strategic side of my Best Selling Book story! YEP! I still can’t get over the fact that I get to call myself a Best Selling Author! The best thing about it… my family actually now know what I do and get to say “yep my daughters an Author” or “my mum is an Author”… Really, all along. That’s what I’ve been. An Author. Actually, the best bit is being able to have a dream and bloody well stick the landing and not come up short! I made myself proud. I waded through the procrastination. The deep reverberating pull of resistance that was metaphorically scrapping at my soul. I just couldn’t shake it. I knew that the fear tear down wouldn’t stop until I followed through. This book… this procrasty-project. Taught me so much about EGO, about the mentality of success. The mentality that it takes to become successful over and over again and put success on a switch board that you know how to operate. Now let’s get into helping you stick the landing of your big dreams, dream bigger than before and stop putting your dreams out with a fire hose & my aversion to being a suburbia mum! This book taught me that there’s sooo much more to success than just the doing of... read more

RESOURCE GUIDE: #FOOL4TOOLS “Top Online Business Tools I Use To Teach What I Know… After a Decade Juggling Businesses (with a heap of kids)

RESOURCE GUIDE: “Top Online Business Tools I Use To Teach What I Know… After a Decade Juggling Businesses (with a heap of kids) I’m a #fool4tools too! I love to check out, try out and dive into new tools to get a feel for them! BUT there’s a way to navigate this and figure out what tools suit you and what won’t. Here’s a guide for you if you want to stop being a FOOL 4 TOOLS (ohhh let’s hashtag that heehe) #Fool4Tools and become a master as spotting your personal preference picker and choosing tools that’ll suit you. Post sponsored by LEVERAGE LOVE – my membership program to create a leveraged life you love! Click here to get in Email Marketing Tools :: MAILCHIMP MAILCHIMP and me have been best friends for 3 years. Since I first started emailing my little subscribers. Ofcourse we’ve had a love-hate relationship with the limits it has… Including just having one list rather than everyone on separate lists (which makes it super tricky). Personal Preferences Process for Picking MailChimp Do you love having pretty + decorated email newsletters? YES =MailChimp is awesome for you Do you want to have just one main email subscriber list that gets emailed weekly/monthly or yearly? YES =MailChimp is definitely great for you Are you superficial like me and a pretty dashboard, user interface… aka easy enough for a newbie to use? YES = MailChimp is perfect for you Do you want to create more optins? More freebies? more resource guides? more one-page checklists? and have those people integrate with your mainlist = easily (without having to be... read more


Ever found yourself paralysed and unable to take action? Blame it on procrastination all you want, but procrastination is the EFFECT of a deeper Bottlenecking Belief that is holding you back. You’ll never let yourself take action like you’ve never taken before, nor get results you’ve never had before, unless you deal with the beliefs that have been holding you back… up until now. That’s where Action Blockbusting comes in.

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Spring Clean Your Routine

Spring Clean Your Routine is a 14 day online program, that gets your butt into gear and your routine under control, so you can carve out the time and space to work on your #BigBizDreams

Big Dreams Bootcamp

Big Dreams Bootcamp is my 40Day Productivity & Project Planning System To Stop Spinning & Start Winning in LIFE + Business!

Launch A Little Course

My 5 Week Step-By-Step System To Launch A Little Course That Grows Your Little List & Doubles Your Biz & Triples Your Income.


I help you bust your bottlenecking beliefs about success, so you can take action like never before, get results you’ve never had before and finally achieve your #BigBizDreams (Even with a heap of kids!).

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When you know what you’re working for, like really know what exactly you’re working towards  = you get results. The thing I love most about RESULTS, is that they boost your beliefs! So whatever degree of belief you had in yourself, only gets amplified which means, next round. You’re going to start with even more belief, take even more action and get even bigger, better results. When you believe in your capability and capacity for achieving your #BigBizDreams = you invest in yourself, because you know you’re going to get results!

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When you’re filling your days with awe-inspiring action rather than activity, achieving your #BigBizDreams becomes inevitable. This is the part where you finally get to relish in the #BigBizDreams that have eluded you for way too long. The people hanging out here are the ones that started with building up their BELIEF + took ACTION from there (not activity) + got RESULTS (that reinforced the belief) = achieved some #BigBizDreams.

Free Video Series: Action Blockbusting Bootcamp
The whole course has made a huge difference in our lives – thank you so much for doing what you do and sharing so many strategies and practical solutions and for being there like a big sister with all the answers!

Mitle Southey

Luscious Organics Cafe

You have provided so much in this course and best of all it is all highly practical (and actually works).  I feel like I have acquired so much extra time each day, but I am really just being more productive and using my time more wisely.  And this is all with a newborn baby!

Kristy Goodwin

Every Chance To Learn

MJS has, without a doubt, been such a positive step in finding more time in our day to day. Even though I only have one child, I still found it hard to find the time for work, exercise, cleaning, cooking and most importantly fun! Jana delivers a programme of practical and simple strategies that really work.

Alex Le Jeune


I definitely needed to find tools and strategies to help with my time management and productivity. I found that with Jana and her school.  She gave me the tools that I needed to help me get more organized in both my home and business.

Robin Chellis


Big Dreams Bootcamp was one of the best and most enjoyable courses I have ever done – you will be excited to get the daily email. The way the course is delivered – short videos daily with one thing to implement each day – means it really sticks and you an build up the habits as you go. You don’t have to spend hours and hours watching long videos taking notes.

Catherine Redfern

New Mama Welcome Pack

Dude it brings me to happy tears of joy just by reading that question… Big Dreams Bootcamp has been life changing for me. I was already feeling organised and had a successful business. Big Dreams Bootcamp gave me the skills to go to the next level without losing it emotionally on the way up and having melt downs all the time as usual – I had the skills, the strategies and the support. BDB – absolutely amazing!

Jeri Murphy

Just finished day 40!!!! Woohooo! Jana thank you so much for this course – I can’t even put into words how awesome & comprehensive and life changing for me. LOVED balance week. I used to think it was a myth the whole work/life balance thing but I’m about to start carving in some balance to my life. Seriously – this course is gold.

Megan Henry

Jana also has the unique ability to make everything feel fun, doable and simple. She has a loving, contagious personality, she will help you get focused, get our of your way and will give you just the right amount of butt kicking you need to move forward and make things happen for yourself.

Nicholette Von Reiche

It has to be said a a thousand times over!! You are incredible!! I am launching my course next week… The ONLY reason I have come THIS far and the ONLY reason I am not backing out my girl, is BECAUSE OF YOU!! Because of your course!! It is SO thorough, SO complete! I am so grateful for you.

Bridget Jane Thompson

New Leaf Nutrition

The content is freaking awesome! The support from everyone in the #littlelaunchers group is above and beyond anything I was expecting. It’s getting my course out of my head and into the world, where it’s meant to be.

Carlee Modra

Since I’ve started, I’ve learnt more and DONE more and been MORE inspired and motivated and encouraged than I have in YEARS! I’m sharing LALC with all my friends because I know that if she can help me launch my course, she can help anyone!

Marion Rose

I LOVE that my list has grown, I’ve got deadlines that I want to keep and I have something (other than coaching) that I can sell! My favourite thing is that everything is sequenced beautifully and you don’t want to skip ahead because you know your current module hasn’t been fluffed out with filler information!

Asja Svilans

Access The Awesome


I have 3 kids + #BigBizDreams… so the strategies + skills I share around taking action like never before, are NOT about working 50 hours per week… if that’s your goal… then I’m NOT your girl. I’m interested in achieving my BIG DREAMS in LITTLE TIME.

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