The day before my Business Butterfly Effect NOOSA RETREAT started, I spent the morning doing client 1:1 sessions, then checked in to the apartment. That afternoon, I had a heap of work to do, including finishing off the flow of the RETREAT content we would be covering and the stuff we would be workshopping and implementing.

Instead of sitting there WORKING. I made the most of not having to do school runs and laundry (let’s be honest, I don’t do laundry hubs does that #RetiredHubby). But all the same, I made the most of my kid-free work weekend and started it off with a fire cracker bang.

🏃 RUN: I went for a run through the famous Noosa National Park (and took some video snippets to use in the vlog later)

🏊  SWIM: I had no towel (just a water bottle, and my waterproof keys/wallet/phone pouch) and a big hill to walk back up, with wet, sandy feet to put back into my shoes. That’s never stopped me before. So I jumped in the ocean.

🌴  MEDITATE ON THE BEACH: I got out of the water, drenched, laid my purple lightning top on the sand and laid back on it. Listening to the ocean, the sounds of the people, feeling the sand under my skin and feeling the afternoon sun soaking into my bones. It was pure bliss and I think I may have slipped into sleep a couple of times. The only reason I moved, is that the sun had started to move over the mountains behind me and I started to feel a cool breeze, instead of the brightness of the sun.

Every time I wanted to THINK about the RETREAT or all the things I needed to DO and get DONE. I just returned to being there in that moment. Engaged. Grateful and so super thrilled at myself for creating a life for myself that is so far from anything I could’ve imagined when I decided to turn my blog into a business 4 years ago and now into a personal brand.

I know this is vaguely envy-inducing. But this everything that you can create. I only share things that I’m 100% confident that you can create for yourself too.


The best part of my walk/run/swim/beachsleep was that I got crystal clear on the HYPERACTION HYBRID.


I got clarity about the tagline and what it was all about. You can see the progression in each of the snippets where I’m talking about it on the way to my walk and the way back.


So all in all a highly hyperACTive afternoon – even though it was predominately

  • REST

I was able to leverage it and turn it into HYPERACTION later that night when I edited it and uploaded it!

Love Jana

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