Top 3 Tools That Needed Sharpening for Achieving This Big Dream

(This Big Dream = Travelling – BUT These Tools Are Transferable)

I wanted to write this post right at the start of my travels. But every single leg of being on the road and travelling around Australia has taught me something new and added to my toolbox of life lessons.

It’s not like I never knew them before, but sometimes you have to live something right out, to remember what you forgot to focus on.

Travel and this Big Dreams Trip, is changing me on a cellular level and when I say changing. It’s like a metamorphosis into me. It’s not like I’m becoming anything other than what was inside my heart to start with, it’s like I’m metamorphosing into everything I was on the inside. That’s the thing about big dreams, and stretching yourself BEYOND your limits of capability, somehow and someway you BECOME everything you know you are inside… that’s been dormant from underuse.

Without further ado, I’d love to share with you, some Big Dreams TOOLS, I’ve picked up along the way:


tools for big dreams 2

I’m going to start with number one. I’ve been dropping hints about this. It was the first tool I picked up at the start. You see I’ve always had this teenage type attitude towards Gratitude. I mean the self-development world is FULL of this advice. And you know me, always a rebel to overused cliches… but you know what. You can’t escape this one. This is truly and only where it starts. And I’m not talking about teenage-type-gratitude… You know how a teenager cleans their room. With endurance, void of enjoyment. Well that’s how my Gratitude practice used to go down.

I would write my “Gratitude List” cause that’s what you do, right!? And I would roll my eyes  most of the time as I wrote ‘heart beating’… I’m grateful for food in my fridge”… But I just never felt into it… especially as a tool.

You see a month before we left, I was in the middle of caring for my dad during his cancer treatment (which was a call I got a week after we decided to travel around Australia and pull the kids out of school)… We were in the thick of planning our trip, selling all our shit and getting our lives organised so we could hit the road. Meanwhile, I was nursing my dad and Mark was taking care of the kids while I was doing this. So there was just so much pressure on both ends. Trying to get all the things done. And it felt like we were moving mountains to make this big dream happen.

I remember walking myself to the beach, with a new journal. I had just spent 2 hours with the kids in the morning + packing up the house and I was on my way back to dad’s house to take care of him. When I just took a detour to the beach. I laid on the beach, pulled out my pen, and right there and then in the sand I started writing all the things I was GRATEFUL FOR… not a LIST. But a journal entry. I had this new journal and I could’ve just vented how fucking hard this big dream was to birth. But instead I consciously said, I’m sick of complaining, it’s time to be grateful for everything (remember I’m nursing my dad after his cancer operation at that moment and trying to completely uplift my life and get on the road too! It was HUGE). There on the beach I started free writing. I said to myself, I’m going to GIVE THANKS to the point of it giving me GRATITUDE GOOSEBUMPS. So I wrote my little heart out for probably 20 minutes. Pages and pages of all the little and big things I was grateful for…

“I give thanks… for this 10 minutes of bliss”

“I give thanks… of the wind blowing across this page right now and the sand in my toes”

“I give thanks… for the people who love my videos”

“I give thanks… to my best friends and that thing she said the other day”

I just kept free writing not stopping, not listing it out, not making sense, just giving thanks.

I cried tears that spilt over the pages, I smiled, I laughed…

And then 20 minutes in, I got the GRATITUDE GOOSEBUMPS and every cell in my body changed. It was a pivotal moment. Where finally, I felt truly grateful for what I was GROWING THROUGH. Not GOING through, GROWING through. Something shifted that morning and all of a sudden, my Big Dreams got huge steam again, Dad started getting better, his dear friend flew over from Ireland and took over full-time nursing duties for me and I was able to be at home again, packing, donating, renovating our caravan, getting our house ready to sell and getting ready to GO!

But like all Big Dreams Tools, you often forget the most powerful. And 3 months later, whilst being essentially STUCK in the bush, as Mason was healing from his broken arm and we were dealing with family-stuff that needed cleaning up, literally. I was on my knees again… having a WTF GOD moment (again!).

And I did it again.

The Gratitude Goosebumps Game. I was going to free-write everything I was grateful for, until I got the goosebumps. So I sat there for what seemed like an hour, writing, burning through the ink in pens until the goosebumps charged through my body. And within minutes, it felt like the world shape shifted again and the Big Dreams energetic vortex I found myself in, spat me out and I was free and flowing again. A week later we were on the Great Ocean Road and I was living out everything I had dreamed this big trip to be.



Try the GRATITUDE GOOSEBUMPS GAME… free-write (vs list-write) every thing you’re grateful for. Start with “I give thanks for…..” And just free write whatever comes to your mind, over and over until you get hit with the GRATITUDE GOOSEBUMPS. You’ll find yourself looking up at the sky, the stars, the walls, the bed you’re sleeping on… Just random things will come into your conscious and eventually you’ll hit the moment where you’re truly Grateful and you get the goosebumps. This has been one of the most powerful tools to get my flow going again and GROW THROUGH the shitty bits of the shine. And get back to the sunshine.


tools for big dreams

This is a tool, that I’ve never been able to verbalise like I can now. I remember I used to think my manifestation wasn’t working if I hit ebbs. Like, SHIT I must be doing something wrong. I would think;

“Shit, this is happening again, bloody hell!”

I would grip and claw and grasp onto getting the heck back into flow. Feeling like the shit was hitting the fan and I had to bust my ass to get back to flow. Do you get that when you’re in the EBB or when you feel the EBB coming?

Do you freak the fuck out when you feel yourself flipping out of flow? 

Even just subtley… Always resenting the ebb. Always getting the shits with being in the ebb. Just plain frustrated and annoyed and clinging on for dear life to get back to flow. ASAP. This was sooooooooo subtle (it doesn’t seem like it right) but this was how I felt – only being slightly aware that this was the predominant emotion around ebbs…

I chose to learn this lesson in the bush. Yes your ebbs and struggles are the way you chose to learn your lessons. That’s a lesson for another day.

When I finally accepted on every level of my breath and being that EBBS are a part of it. EBBS are part of the FLOW. FLOW doesn’t happen without an ebb. Don’t grip and scratch and cling on when you’re in the EBB. Get to the point of enjoying the ebb and find the lesson in it. You can pass through ebbs (which happen all the time while travelling and big dreams living) so much more enjoyably when you embrace them.

Use your EBBS as a force for your FLOW and use your FLOW as a FORCE for your EBBS.


Next time you’re an EBB.

1. EMBRACE it vs ENDURE it

2. What SKILLS are you learning in this EBB? = i.e. Patience? Strength? Creativity? Solitude? Unconditional Happiness? Agility?

3. What are the POSITIVES about this EBB? = i.e. More time? More determination? More grit for your big dreams? More realisations about why you want to achieve your big dreams?


Travel and big dreaming has been one of the biggest eye-openers of how much alchemy is needed. The travel, the places… I mean right now we’re at Streaky Bay, South Australia. We were meant to be at Ceduna, which was more of a stop over than a destination. But instead, after being given the advice to make sure we visit Streaky Bay, we ended up here, in the most beautiful place, on the ocean hillside our caravan is literally looking over the ocean and every morning I’ve been walking down to the caves to shot some FB videos for you (because we all know I’m trying to crack the FB Nut #FBNutCracking!)


HERE’S one of the videos showing off more BIG DREAMS ALCHEMY!
– this stop wasn’t on our list either, but our fellow travelling family buddies we met on the road were going here and we decided to join them (it was so much nicer than the place in Port Augusta we thought we had to stay at. It was a beautiful surprise at the bottom of the most magnificient mountains which happened to be the Flinders Ranges!).


Here’s one of the videos showing off the BIG DREAMS ALCHEMY! Instead of being on the highway at Ceduna, we ended up here by pure chance of recommendation, right place, right time = complete BIG DREAMS ALCHEMY!

GRATITUDE GOOSEBUMPS + surrendering to the FLOWS & EBBS + doing my #BeliefWork + Imagining how I envision each leg of the trip/travels to go down = activates BIG DREAMS ALCHEMY… there’s so many more TOOLS, but these 3 x TOOLS for my Big Dreams are the most predominant and powerful at the moment.

BTW: Have you done my FREE MINI COURSE: “Action Blockbusting Bootcamp” it’s been completely re-recorded (at the last destination I was at Brighton Caravan Park) and = this is a mini course to teach you the simple #BeliefWork method (the one I’m talking about here) to rewire your subconscious to take action that syncs with your BIG DREAMS!

How I activate Big Dreams Alchemy for Travel (BTW it’s transferable to any big dream you’re in right now)

  1. Gratitude Goosebumps
  2. Flows & Ebbs (embracing the ebb = it’s like surrendering to what is happening, the fear you’re feeling… now)
  3. #BeliefWork (my Free Mini Course: “Action Blockbusting Bootcamp” gives you my process FREE HERE!)
  4. Imagining (how do I want the next week and month is going to go down? Imagine that)
  5. Trust… trust that you’re capable. Trust yourself. Trust the universe and trust that the way you’re doing it – is going to work.
  6. Big Dreams Bootcamp myself (I reset my priorities, I renew & reset my Big Dreams – RITUALISTICALLY, I review my weekly plan, I rewrite my goals, I write my ToDo List for the day – complete with my BALANCERS & BUGS & BUTTERFLY tasks, I plot my projects and I buttkick myself into action!)

I think that’s what’s missing in the PRODUCTivity advice that runs around the internets, it’s not focused on Alchemy. It’s just focused on Action. Action = Awesome. But Action that is not born from being insync with your big dreams, is action that will lead no where – actually I take that back, it’ll lead you on the fast track to disbelief. Disbelieving in your abiilty to achieve your big dreams, disbelief that you have what it takes, disbelief that ANYTHING is EVER going to work for you – LONGTERM and disbelief that you can hold true to your VALUES on the way to your big dreams.

I have a different way of approaching your BIG DREAMS. It focuses on activating the alchemy that we know you have and activating the action that comes from that place inside that subconsciously knows what it needs to do, to achieve what you want it to achieve.

My son got his cast off today (YAY) and the body is amazing right, it’s created this BOND on this BROKEN BONE… and it’s calcificing exactly where it needs to meand itself. I mean if the subconscious can create that sort of healing and ACTION to heal… then IMAGINE what it can do for your big dreams, it grows BONES… I mean when are we going to fully grasp the fact that you subconscious is what’s behind your action or inaction.

You have to keep pointing it in the right direction, the direction of your dreams, because during the day you’re going to have Dream Stealers and Dream Takers trying to feed your subconscious lies about what you can or can’t do and in those moments you’re going to loose the steam that you may have had at the start of your day for your big dreams.

Without getting too ranty here. The subconscious is a strong force to be worked with. It takes decisive and daily dedication to achieve your BIG DREAMS = while holding true and staying TRUE to your VALUES + being yourself along the way.

If you have BIG DREAMS that you want to achieve but not at the price of your relationships, your sanity, your spirit, your health… if you want your BIG DREAMS + your DREAM LIFE as well + feeling proud of yourself that you have all the time in the world for your KIDS + PASSIONS + SELF-CARE… then you’re exactly the person I made Big Dreams Bootcamp for. It’s a system. It’s a reliable. Replicatable system


Here is BRENDA’s testimonial she just sent I LOVE IT!


OK, I need to get ready for our next trip now. So I’m off. Can’t wait to see your smiling, beaming, big dreaming self inside BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMP.

See you inside. If you feel so called.

Love Jana xx