Yes. I found the whole idea overwhelming and had been unable to make it happen on my own. I am currently launching my second e-course, the first one was an incredible success, and it has transformed the way I do business. I was not feeling confident enough in what I had to offer, and self doubt was huge about this time last year . . .

I went through loads of inner work with various healing modalities and dedication.. and it’s been absolutely foundationaly worth it. Launching a course has really done wonders for my self belief. It’s a stretch.. but one I was drawn to make.

I was very inspired by your irreverence and enthusiasm to encourage me to be myself. Also.. it didn’t have to be perfect . . . and the reminder.. ‘You know enough… just start”.

I wanted a simple how to, I don’t like the hypy full-on bs. I wanted down to earth, practical, and some steps to follow. Even though I was selective with the advice and method.. it still worked for me. Your way actually assisted me to have more confidence in rebelling.. and making it fit my own flavour and way of being but STILL GETTING IT DONE. I would say, if you seriously want to launch a little course, and you need a strong method and want to use Optimize Press.. LALC with Jana is definitely a great option. Denise Daffara, Artist

Courses, Launch A Little Course

All of Jana’s courses have been exceptional! Not only is the information extensive but the way she delivers it is very comprehensible. She shares every single step of the “how to”. Jana is active in her online Facebook groups and always there to jump in and give her members words of encouragement and advice. Jana’s enthusiasm will keep you motivated and coming back for more. If you choose to work with Jana, you will have made a great choice!


Amy Crossley, Simply Better Living for Busy Moms

Courses, Big Dreams Bootcamp, Mums Juggling School, Productive On Purpose, Launch A LIttle Course, Bring It Online

I felt unsure whether Jana’s resources could help me get moving on my projects & be more motivated, but from the get go she was hitting the mark & before I knew it, I was taking action.

I love being more structured and more in control of my time now. Whilst also tapping into more of my creative zone through tools that Jana suggests for creativity to flow. I feel like I can have more balance and fun in my business and in my life.

Jana is straight to the point of what needs to be done to get the wheels in motion. Her clarity & ability to simplify things makes achieving them more feasible and helps you believe in yourself to go and do it.

I love that Jana allows you to see that she is no different than anyone else and her rawness and vulnerability comes through. This is inspirational and helps you get over yourself to put yourself out there and love what you have to offer.

I would and have recommended Jana to my friends and family as she has a wealth of knowledge to help someone no matter where they are at, just starting or further progressed. Jana is thorough, but is also caring and makes it fun. Davina Drinan

Swell Health Solutions, Courses: Mums Juggling School, Big Dreams Bootcamp, Launcha Little Course, Bring it Online, Business Butterfly Effect, & Free Challenges.

Wow, noticeable differences would include loving writing emails to my BCE’s, I was able to get past my fear of being a numbers girl not a writer to the point where I love to write. This has major impact on my business as I am not afraid to reach out to my wonderful list and help them learn and grow around their numbers.

You are exactly as you are There is no pretenses or smoke and mirrors, you are Jana through and through.

Would you recommend me to your friends? Of course. Depending on the friend and where they are in their business would depend on which awesome course I steer the to first. I do warn them that they may become a #janajunkie and that these courses will change them and their businesses.

Katie Marshall, Bookkeeper

Courses, All of them!

I am deeply engaged back into my life.
I feel deeply connected with my life purpose, and have a palpable sense of living it.
I feel interested, motivated, energised.
I feel connected to my power to make a difference in the world.
I love my courses and the people in it.
My parenting has improved phenomenally (and I help parents!)
I feel deeply fulfilled.
And I am making real money for the first time in my life!” “YES YES YES!
You inspire me to be myself, to just get out and do what I want to do.
You’ve inspired me to drop being a perfectionist, and just to go with my intuition, and teach from my soul.
You’ve inspired me to get up early pretty much every morning for 6 months – something I’ve never done before.
I’ve created 7 courses in 7 months, and I LOVE the process!” “What I love about you is you are really YOUR SELF.
You have inspired me to stop trying to be someone, and just get out there and be my authentic self, shining bits and warts and all!
You value being a mum and being with your kids AND sharing your gifts with the world, and making a difference – and that combination is VITAL to me, and it’s something I’ve rarely seen elsewhere.” “YES YES YES! And I do! Lots of my friends and colleagues have since done your courses!
You can help give them the emotional resilience and the practical tools to actually GET THEIR GIFTS OUT INTO THE WORLD!!!”

Marion Badenoch Rose Phd, Teacher

Courses;, Launch A Little Course, Big Dreams Bootcamp, Productive ON Purpose, Business Butterfly Effect

I was totally worried and skeptical about LALC because there had been so many business courses that I had taken that hadn’t gone as far as they had promised but the value in your FFF convinced me I had to go for it! I am no longer a technophobic! This is huge for me! It was all your encouragement and “bird by bird” talk and “keep it super simple” psychology that kept me going! I now know how to manage Mailchimp, Picmonkey and Optimizepress just to mention a few! This coming from a girl who didn’t even know how to download a file in the beginning! I now feel that if I want to move forward with my business with a launch big or small that I could handle it… and it’s true! Jana, you are amazing because you are incredibly motivating, you are down to earth and you live what you preach! Oh yeah you’re a lot of fun too;) Jackie Deblasio, Mosaic Healing

Courses;, Launch a Little Course, Business Butterfly Effect

I am not an organised person, after BDB I implemented Jana’s strategies and these gave me a system that help me to know what to do daily, I haven’t yet launched a course, but LALC has helped me to prioritize my projects monthly, and I am much more focused than before . LALC has also helped me to know myself, what my gifts are and how to use my current business to launch a course which I’m starting bit by bit.

I really love the personal touch with Jana’s courses. She responds to the questions asked in the FB group, and she shares her passion with the ladies. She is always SO encouraging whenever someone shares their work in Facebook which makes the whole process of creating so much more enjoyable. Chilli Yong,

Courses, Big Dreams Bootcamp, Launch A Little Course, Bring It Online

To be honest, I wasn’t at all sure that I could be disciplined or committed enough to get through the creation of my very own course. I have a tendency to ‘Dream Big and Do Little’. jana follows her big dreams with consistent action. I don’t. I wasn’t at all worried that you couldn’t show me how to do what I needed to do. I just didn’t know whether I believed I would keep my promise to myself and finish what I started.

I am no longer a technophobic! This is huge for me! It was all your encouragement and “bird by bird” talk and “keep it super simple” psychology that kept me going! I now know how to manage Mailchimp, Picmonkey and Optimizepress just to mention a few! This coming from a girl who didn’t even know how to download a file in the beginning!

Jana, you are amazing because you are incredibly motivating, you are down to earth and you live what you preach! Oh yeah you’re a lot of fun too! πŸ˜‰ Kim Nuttall

Courses, Launch A Little Course, Business Butterfly Effect, Bring It Online

I was in awe of how well you connected with us. The Facebook group of ladies is the best I have ever seen. I have many friends now from that group. Best of all though is the road I’m on now from your prolific words “you’ve gotta make more stuff”.

These are words and the type of language I relate to. Jana-speak is a fun world of looking at things differently. Feels like fun being told to do stuff in this way. I won’t do it if I am ‘reading’ a text book… And there’s definitely no text books in Jana-world. Diane Jewell

Courses, Launch A Little Course

I always use the BDB format and strategies when I am planning a new project or if I go into overwhelm and need to organise my thoughts. LALC has taught me the skills to design and launch a course! That in itself if phenomenal!!!

Jana, you have motivated me to develop a new arm of my business. I was consulting and implementing online accounting software which was great but I didn’t feel like it was my true calling. While doing LALC I realised that I could combine my expertise in financial/administrative/productivity cloud software with my experience working in small business finance and my passion for personal development! It’s opened up a new world for me, an exciting new world! For the first time in ages I ‘feel’ that I am on the right track! I haven’t felt this way in years!

I love the community you have created and that you are there for us. There are so many courses where the facilitator/creator is only there in name, not person. I have also loved watching you grow your business over the past year, I feel your highs and your achievements and I am in awe of what you have achieved.

I would definitely recommend you to my friends and I have. The way we are moving to online businesses means that many people have to navigate the unknown world of getting set up and delivering services/goods via the internet. That’s great if you have the cash to get someone to do this for you but if you don’t then BIO and LALC is the perfect gateway. I tell people all the time that your courses are ideal if you want to create an online presence but don’t want to pay big bucks to get someone to create it for them. Marisa Punshon, Miss Moneypenny Presents

Courses, Launch A Little Course, Big Dreams Bootcamp, Bring It Online

When I joined LALC I was so excited to finally get step by step directions. I have so much more confidence and knowledge, even though I haven’t actually launched my course. You have helped me to see how incredibly organized you can be while running a business and still maintaining a healthy family life.

And I just love that You’re so relatable and real!! Elvy, Casa Pilates & Simply Well Today

Courses;, Launch A Little Course

I had been watching Marion shine under your guidance and I knew I ‘wanted what she’s having’. Whilst I’m still mastering my procrastination tendencies and juggling a big emotional journey, I’m steadily moving towards launching, and I’m learning HEAPS! I am so inspired by you, I have watched what you have been achieving and I KNOW that I can do it too.

I absolutely love your no BS, no gloss, Keepin’ it real style. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a walk through course to launching. With an amazing support system, and no frills approach. Nicole Moore, Birth Into Being Australia

Courses;, Launch A Little Course

I love the way you deliver all the content……you are definitely speaking my language. That’s why I’m doing all your courses. I’m officially a #JanaJunkie….and loving it.

Since dong your courses I have been more together with my organisational skills. In the past I would be swimming from one task to the next and not getting anything done but I’m finding now that I’m more on top my tasks and I’m just ticking them off as I go.

You have inspired me so much! You give me a good kick in the pants when I need it but are also very loving about it too. Listening to you I get my shit done!

I love your stuff, Jana. You break it down into bite size chunks that make a difficult task so easy to do. Other courses I’ve done they just tell you to do something, but you then break it down into mini chunks and it feels like you are holding my hand through my tasks.

I would definitely recommend you to my friends and anyone reading this! Depending on what it is they want help with for example if they need help getting a course up and running… I would tell them to go check out Launch a Little Course. You are a pocket dynamite and will help them step by step and bit by bit through the whole process of finding out what they want their course to be about right through to launching their little course.

She shows us how to set up the website and a members area inside the website, and also how to work out each Module and what to write. It’s awesome and YOU NEED TO DO IT. You won’t be sorry. πŸ™‚ Ann Martin, 1 Puddle Lane

Courses:, Mums Juggling School, Big Dreams Bootcamp, Launch A Little Course, Bring It Online, Business Butterfly Effect, Free Challenges, eBooks

I was so worried with being perfect…Jana totally helped me through the things that were holding me back. She also has the best patience with everyone and meets them where they are at. My confidence about showing up has improved, and the mere fact that I am attempting a launch is the best difference that I have noticed!

The community is the best! The women in there are so inspiring. We all make mistakes and we all don’t have to be models or movie stars to do this. We can just be us. And I love that!

I love that she teaches us that you can wing it and not worry about the mistakes or laughing at yourself…its takes the pressure off to be perfect.

I would definitely recommend you to my friends.. You can help them get over themselves and get out of their own head! πŸ™‚ Veronica Chavez Stowe, What Dreams Become

Courses, Launch A Little Course, Free Challenges, eBooks

I initially bought LALC after I posted in the Bschool FB group about joining and wanted to get feedback. People had such stunning reviews about you, and you bothered to actually respond yourself. WOW! By the time I hit the Buy button I was not worried at all!

I have experienced some really big changes since doing LALC… I feel confident that I can do this! I don’t have to worry about doing it perfectly… but I just need to start. I’ve noticed that I reach for thoughts that feel good instead of doubt. So yes, nothing visible (as yet!)… but through feelings, big shifts!

You’re just a normal girl-next door type of woman. You are approachable and fucking cool! No airs and graces. This makes me connect and feel like I can do this too!! If you can do it, then so can I.

You are a content machine. Before I know it there is something interesting out that I want to learn about. You make it doable and I love that you are into spiritual rituals AND that you throw it in your mix, totally up my alley.

You are real, you don’t give a shit how you come across or if you didn’t put pink nail varnish on… you just want your message to come out and share so that everyone can have their dream life come true. I love that. Authentic is the word that jumps to mind πŸ™‚ Lily,

Courses, Launch A Little Course, Free Challenges, Leverage Lovers League

Before joining LALC I just loved your authentic style so I knew you could help me, but I was simply amazed at how MUCH you were able to help me through an online program! I am more confident, more professional, I show up better, I understand the virtual world much better, I am able to create strategies because I know and understand them, I am SO much more organized in my launches, and launching feels far more fulfilling and I have continuity.

You have inspired me to keep being true to myself. I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family and even to complete strangers! Jana will help you get started and help you STOP PROCRASTINATING! Teresa Mazzella, Create a Soulful Life

Courses, Launch A Little Course

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Want to get crazy cool results like these women, I’m no better than you. I’ve just been juggling big dreams, babies and businesses for 10 years! SO I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve and they seem to be able to help alot of big dreamers too!Β  With my magical ‘unblocking’ and into action skills and strategies… So hopefully you see something that will solve a problem you’re having in pursuit of your big dreams! Come grab a course to go! (yep like coffee – but better!)

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