💜 3 x Shit Pieces of Advice I GAVE That I No Longer GIVE 💩

:: Different advice for different stages, but I was thinking (again in the shower ofcourse 🚿) about the advice I no longer GIVE, that I once GAVE. Bear in mind I’m in a different stage now, my husband was able to quit his J.O.B in April 2014 and I’ve been running a #6FigBiz since 2014. So when you see my Big Dreams Lifestyle now, don’t negate it and say – hey you have so much time, I’m busy. That’s a cop out. I have balanced and juggled businesses, big dreams and babies for the past 11 years. I’ve had babies at every stage of business…

Let’s cut to the chase.


When I first started my BLOG business I stopped working with kids around. I got up super early to work, worked while Mason was sleeping and the girls were at school (I gots 3 kids, with no daycare – if you’re new here). I used to vehemently advise to not work with the kids around.

And then I started to think.

So I’m teaching my kids, that mama doesn’t work, mama doesn’t have a passion, mama’s life revolves around them….

It got me thinking, is that healthy?

Do I want them always thinking that the world and life stops when they’re around?

I realised that it was unhealthy, it was also not very motivating for them and it was never allowing them to be bored, and from boredom comes creation. They create their own fun when mum is working.

So to cut a long story short. I don’t subscribe to that advice anymore.

What to do instead?

DIALOGUE! I talk to my girls alot about what I do. I show them my Instagram, I talk to them about how my business works, I talk to them about the evolution. I have clear channels of communication with them when I’m working and how our days are created in order for me to have the flexibility to provide them with the life we have and with the balance we get.

For example as I woke them up at 7am on SUNDAY and said we’re going to the BEACH… the kids weren’t keen. I opened the channels of communication and said, well this is our family/fun time, this is our time to connect, have fun, get our bodies moving, start the day right, soak up the sunshine (cause the sun had come out after days of rain). I explained to them that mama was going to do some video editing and work in the afternoon, so if they wanted to go out and have some family time, then in the morning is when we are doing it.


Needless to say they were in the car in 10 minutes. Still a little stroppy… but when at the beach, they had the best hour playing in the sand, chasing each other up and down the beach and building sand castles. When we got back, they played babies and occupied themselves for the rest of the day while I got work done.

I want my kids to see how I balance work and life. Otherwise they’ll just think working towards your big dreams just magically happens. I want to teach them dedication, balance and being creative and conscious about time. As I said in yesterdays #DreamEssay = COMMUNICATORS are fast becoming the new UPPER CLASS.

And the whole reason I started was:

“How could I tell them to go after their BIG DREAMS if I never did.”

Problem is, they would just SEE the end result and not the WORK and love of work and play and balance all fitting together. Like I said, they don’t watch what you say, they watch what you do.

NOW I have eliminated GUILT about working with them around, they seem to think I work less, even though technically since I’m in a hyperACTion season and work now around 33 hours per week in stead of my previous 15-22 hours.

Same goes for PHONE USE.

I run my BUSINESS from my phone. I keep the channels open that it’s my device for work. It gives me the ability to be creative with my time and leverage all these balancing acts, so I get to live them and leverage them.

PHONE = allows me to LIVE my balancing acts and LEVERAGE them for my business.

I do 80% of my work from my phone. So it’s important they realise, I’m not on my phone consuming, I’m creating and communicating and I show them how and what I’m doing.

Drop the guilt. Open the channels of communication. Don’t scroll your phone and just work for works sake. But don’t try and hide the work you do. You’re not teaching them anything by doing that.

OFCOURSE, it goes without saying, you have plenty of engaged time with them daily. But don’t feel guilty about working on your BIG DREAMS… I don’t anymore (AND because of that, there’s 100% less friction).


My hubs quit his J.O.B in April 2014 and has been bringing me COFFEE on demand since (my #Mission6 clients think it’s hilarious as he walks in with coffee at the same time pretty much everyday 😂) I’ve been trying to get Mark to agree to do a podcast with me… Comment below #JanaHubsChat if YOU or your HUBS have any Questions for him (and it might just convince him to do it with me!)

We have a SUNDAY LIFE, especially when roadschooling on our trip around Australia.

(except for the new injection of SCHOOL RUNS, where it has given me a perception of the work week again).

📆 3 x Scheduled Mornings Per Week

I have 3 x mornings per week with SET SCHEDULES for FB lives, CLIENT calls, #SCHOOLOFBIGDREAMS live trainings.

🌴 4 x Spontaneous & Sporadic Days per week

I have 4 x days per week where I have nothing scheduled. So if I feel like working on Sunday. I do. If I feel like having Monday off, I do. If I feel like creating at hyper-speed on Tuesday I do. If I feel like having a Sunday with Family, I do.

Create your week your way.


What feels in SYNC? Then I do it.


OK, let me preface this. I used to say “GET THE FUCK OFF FACEBOOK” when email marketing worked 1111% better than what it does now and it wasn’t essential to be cranking on Social Media (tell me the last time you brought some “MARKETING” or any program from someone who doesn’t have a banging Social Media Profile?… You haven’t have you?!

Back in the day (AKA 3 years ago) all you needed was a bulky email list and you had a banging business. Now you need the Social Proof more than ever before.

Communications = the new CURRENCY.

I used to rank the creation scale like this.


I put social media in the category of communicating.


IF YOU’RE CHEERLEADING VS CONSUMING on FB, then get right into it, dig deep and engaged, CREATE & COMMUNICATE ON HYPER-SPEED.

Don’t fuck around scrolling.


Communicate what you create. Communicate with other blogs. Comment on everything you love. Cheerlead vs consume.

I used to say, do all your CREATING and then at the end of the day COMMUNICATE on the communications channels.

So for example.


And then like at 2.pm I would spend 30 minutes communicating on FB.

Now the ratios are completely flipped.

I don’t just scroll and consume on FB anymore.

I engage.

I communicate.

I comment like a hyperactive cheerleader (cause I am).

I cheerlead like a hyperactive human on a mission (cause I am).

“Get the FUCK off FB” is SHIT advice for the new era online, where COMMUNICATIONS = CURRENCY.

Go get yours.

Jana Kingsford B.Comm PR
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