Self Sabotaging Behaviours AKA Are You Mood Manifesting

Are you MOOD MANIFESTING? feeling Lazy? Flat? Angry? Deflated? Uninspired? Tired? After achieving Little or Big Dreams… HINT: It’s a Default Subconscious Programming Pattern to Prove a Bottlenecking Belief Right (& You Can Change It!)

Self Sabotaging Behaviours

AKA Are You Mood Manifesting

It’s one of the things we do during the sabotage stage of our Big Dreams Success Cycles, and the mood you manifest after reaping the rewards of something you’ve been working towards.

Mood Manifesting Looks Like:

  1. You write your BOOKLET and then you release it into the world and then you manifest the mood of tired, and then just like calling in sick to work, you actually literally become REALLY tired.
  2. You launch your COURSE and then you automatically start to feel this underlying feeling of anger… and then more things that make you feel angry for REALS start to happen!
  3. You start a MASTERMIND and then all of a sudden you’re manifesting a mood of FLATNESS… and then your life reflects back to you all this FLATNESS…

It’s not real, you’re actually manifesting a mood as a subconscious success-stopping pattern. Let me know if you liked this.

Watch the video!

Love Jana xx

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