How to Bring Feminine Energy to a LittleLaunch w/ Carly Stephan.

Carly Stephan, is a Launch A Little Course graduate and just launched her very first little course (successfully) after leaving her J.O.B a month ago! We had a Big Dreams Strategies chat about how she launched whilst staying in Feminine Flow!

  • We talked about imbuing your launches and all your content with energy.
  • We talked about how Social Media posts are transmissions and it’s important to watch your energy before you transmit anything.
  • We talked about her 3 x Show-Us-Your-Tips (I loved the 3rd one! About blowing your own mind!)
  • We talked about transitioning from a J.O.B to launching a course.
  • We talked about how Carly loved the Launch A Little Course philosophy of “Coaches need Courses” idea of creating a COURSE for your COACHING business and how that’s an important element to add to the 1:1 coaching you do + a great structure to create your course on.
  • I loved watching Carly Stephan launch, energetically I could feel her embodying everything she was about to teach – into her launch. It had this feminine feel to it, so we chatted about that too!
  • We talked about how to know if LAUNCHING is for you or not
  • We talked about SPIRITUAL BYPASSING and how to catch yourself if you’re doing it (here’s Carly’s article on Spiritual Bypassing here)

C A R L Y S T E P H A N ✨

Living a light-filled life! | 👻 carlystephan Spiritual Mentor for Women | Blogger Creatrix of The Fulfilled Feminine Formula ✉️

Love Jana xx

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MEMOS: This episode was brought to you by my 5 week model for launching little courses even if you’re not a unicorn and have a little list, little time and little clue what you have to do!  

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