[PODCAST] KEEPING Video + Facebook + Business REAL (& #FBNutCracking) with Lisa Corduff

Ahhhhh I’m so excited to introduce Lisa Corduff to you. We basically had a chat and catch up and invited you along. But as you know, I’m totally into cracking the FB Page Nut lately.

FUN FACT: I was actually in the middle of the NULLABOR (Australia’s longest, straightest stretch of road… 2 days of solid, non-stop driving to cross it)  when I recorded this interview with Lisa! This is one crazy INTERVIEW!) Since I think I was a bit delirious after travelling for 2 days straight, and only stopping overnight at the Western Australia border.

  • I got to Norseman (the official end of the Nullabor) at 5.30pm
  • Found a playground
  • Kicked the kids out of the car (and hubs)
  • And they played in the DARK and watched the trains go past as I did this interview in the car!
  • It was freakin hilarious
  • So memorable.
  • Such a great real and raw chat about keeping video, Facebook and business real! Cause that’s how Lisa rolls. Leading the way in REAL-ness!


Let Me Introduce the Raw, Real & Awesome Lisa Corduff

Lisa and I have been online friends forever! Since about 2013 when we first did BSchool together. We’ve watched eachother go and grow from no business to big businesses. Lisa has a knack for keeping it real, with business, with life and with video! We’re so lucky that she’s created resources and a course to help you with your FB LIVE nut cracking. As you know I’m on a #FBNutCracking mission in 2017 (after cracking the Instagram nut in 2016). And Lisa has been my go-to for FB lives and having a FB page that has more engagement than a hidden FB group. Which for me does nothing for my long-term vision of what my business will be and is. I was committed to cracking that FB nut. Almost like a squirrel dedicated to getting it’s acorn. I’ve been curious about what and how to make your FB page, actually freakin visible. And when it comes to #FBNutCracking Lisa Corduff is my go-to-girl for Keeping it Real with VIDEO! Alot of you have asked me for a course on videos… but I thought 2017 is about working smarter and more substance filled and strategic.

So I decided to bring Lisa on the Podcast and partner up with her for her Keeping Video Real launch! GRAB YOUR FB LIVE RESOURCES – http://bit.ly/keepingvideorealFBliveresources 

Cracking that FB Page Engagement Nut

keeping video real

I just looked at this video… 4.5K views… Lisa has no fancy backdrop, no studio lighting and no fashion designer, she just gives us all permission to show up as we are, where we are. It’s so freeing.

I just looked at this video… 4.5K views… Lisa has no fancy backdrop, no studio lighting and no fashion designer, she just gives us all permission to show up as we are, where we are. It’s so freeing. 

In 2016 I was committed to cracking the Instagram nut = #InstaNutCracking (woo hoo – I cracked that nut like a crazy squirrel after an acorn!). ✔️

In 2017 I am on a mission to crack the FB Page Nut! I’m calling the mission #FBNutCracking…ORGANICALLY (without FB ads!). So I brought Lisa Corduff on to show us how to crack the FB nut using the power of FB lives and video. HINT: by being yourself, being authentic, connecting and being real. After our chat, I saw that my TOP engaged posts are mostly FB Lives and/or videos. 💪

Using FB Live for #FBNutCracking



Behind the Scenes of Online Business

Dot Points Talked About:

  • We basically brought you behind the scenes of one of our chats.
  • How Lisa gets such HUGE numbers in her challenges, courses and coaching programs!
  • Challenges of decision making in business
  • Letting go and moving forward
  • Blocks around business building
  • Nervous poops
  • First online course sales
  • Real deal, keeping real talk! (I hope even subliminally you get the message about KEEPING BUSINESS REAL!)

Keeping Business Real

  • Launching new stuff and the decision process with that
  • What you have to give up to grow forward
  • Letting go of your business identity and niche and introducing and risking it all to start something new
  • Genuine enthusiasm and excitement
  • Creating space to work out your next big dream
  • The most powerful question that Lisa has been asked before around BIG DREAMS
  • What do you need to let go of to make your NEXT BIG DREAM HAPPEN?
  • Uncluttering your life
  • Big decisions and letting go of signature programs

Keeping Sales & Marketing Real

  • Our Maccas streamlined sales experience
  • Maternity jeans and sales processes
  • Transferring our in-person sales experience into the online
  • Multiple selling and transplanting those strategies over to the online marketing world for non-slippery-sales

Intentions & Sales

  • Not seeing that customer as a number vs a person and someone to play
  • How we connected with customers (and how this keeps it real with sales and customers and members in your business)
  • How to be an un-sales-person

And just soooo much good juicy chats!

Creating Your Own Selling Ecosystem of Sales

  • Completely scrapping the online rules
  • When I was good at sales – “what was I doing differently”
  • Connecting with people vs treating them like a sale or number
  • Vomiting in our mouths at the sound of ‘it’s all about numbers’
  • Keeping it raw and real

Being Raw & Real

  • You can’t share the shine without sharing the shit – our responses
  • Sweat moustaches
  • Baby tantrummy at your feet and recording…
  • What to do when there’s “TOO MUCH LISA” in a launch
  • When Lisa was selling Thermomix and what she learnt from that
  • The best MLM salesperson and what her secret was! How she consistently had high sales job
  • Giving yourself permission to break the rules and do things your way – because we want to learn the ways to do it
  • What happens when you get to a stage

Being a Leader & Pioneer

  • The mindset of being a leader
  • Realising you’re pioneering a new path
  • Being a pioneer and a leader
  • Bringing people along the journey with you
  • What people are naturally drawn to

How we Roll in our Own Little World = AKA exactly what we did here on this interview…

Love Jana xx

Jana Kingsford B.Comm PR
If DREAM CHASER was a CAREER that would be mine.
If DREAM ACHIEVER was a DEGREE that’s what I help you DO.

[PODCAST] KEEPING Video + Facebook + Business REAL (& #FBNutCracking) with Lisa Corduff

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Are you ready to jump into Keeping Video Real (and NO I’m not doing a course on VIDEO… even though I get asked all the time… if you ask me, I’ll direct you to LISA’s course) Because she’s where I get my KEEPING VIDEO REAL inspiration and motivation and bravery http://bit.ly/keepingvideorealjoin 

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