[PODCAST INTERVIEW] I Went Sugarless + Moved My Meals (AKA Intermittent Fasting) = Increased Bubbly-Ness 10X (& I Brought Mihaela Telecan On To Explain WHY & HOW That Happened)


Intermittent Fasting for Productivity with MIHAELA TELECAN

comes on to confirm my dietary instincts and back up the intuitive diet I went on after going SUGARLESS (AKA Intermittent Fasting for PRODUCTivity)

As part of curing my BRAIN FROM BURN OUT, I went off sugar and then all of a sudden I instinctively moved my meals around and felt better and more bubbly than ever (and if you know me, you’ll wonder how I could be any more BUBBLY… it’s possible!).
I brought Mihaela Telecan on to explain and confirm my suspicions that this accidental intermittent fasting was my natural instinctive new way of eating by moving my meals around, was actually phenomenally more healthy than what I’d been previously doing.
NOTE: I’m not a strict intermittent faster. I’m not a dieter. What happened was I went SUGARLESS.
I watched ‘THAT SUGAR FILM” last November and got all the information I needed to get motivated to remove SUGAR from my diet. I didn’t have a book. A guide. A plan. I just went SUGARLESS… that day, straight after watching ‘THAT SUGAR FILM’ on Youtube.
3 days later I was feeling less foggy than ever (which was a great bonus to add to my Burnt Out Brain fixer-upper I’d been doing for at that point a full year.


1 week later I was having redrawals… but the best thing was that Mark (my hubs) and I went into competition mode (after watching the movie) to see who would crack first. Who would be the first to BREAK became our only hope of holding on during the SUGAR FITs.
We called them SUGARFITS because I would literally at 8pm be rolling around on the COUCH, craving a cookie to go with my tea. Tea lost all it’s beauty, it just wasn’t the same without a cookie or chocolate.

10 days – after going SUGARLESS + Intuitively Intermittent Fasting (by accident)

I was more clear and full in my brain than I had been for years.
NOTE: before going SUGARLESS I was seriously a SUGAR ADDICT, who actually held herself quite back from overindulging (most of the time).
Most days for me would be a cookie or chocolate after dinner. Or pancakes, that I’d make with raw sugar… and often honey on wholemeal, wholegrain, high quality bread.
So I had no idea, how LITTLE sugar, creates such a BIG impact on your ability to;
  • Think straight
  • Be creative
  • Connect dots (I do a lot of self-study online, learning and keeping up with the latest books, trends and systems so I can decipher what I DO and don’t want to use – HENCE why I’m totally mad keen on Messenger Marketing right now – message me at m.me/jana.kingsford to see what I mean!)
  • Feel light as a feather (seriously going off sugar had a PROFOUND effect on my #1 goal for 2017 = feel LIGHT & LOVE daily!
  • Just genuine lightheartedness about life (no underlying feeling like a SHARK IS CIRCLING around your neck all day… aka low grade anxiety)

How I Went Sugarless

After going SUGARLESS (without ANY plan, no I didn’t buy the I QUIT SUGAR book).
I. Just. Stopped. Eating. Sugar (except FRUIT!).
No more mayonnaise, tomato sauce, muesli bars, banana bread… nudda. SIMPLE SUGARLESS!
I basically had a SALAD + VEGE BOWL + meat of some kind every night. Easy. Simple. Sugarless.
No fancy ingredients, no SUGARLESS BROWNIES. Just simple SUGARLESS.

2 weeks – after going SUGARLESS + Intuitively Intermittent Fasting (by accident)

I was bouncing with joy and you couldn’t hold me back.

3 weeks – after going SUGARLESS + Intuitively Intermittent Fasting (by accident)

and I finally realised my eating habits and meals had completely moved around.
I had stopped eating all day, until about 2pm! I did not even realise it. I wasn’t hungry. I had just instinctively done it.
I thought OMG, this is terrible. How can I feel so good… but not be eating all day?

Breaking Society Rules of How You’re Meant To Eat

I’m a stickler for breaking rules and society expectations and judgements… heck I was a teenage mum, high school drop out turned university grad + mother of 3 + under 30 entrepreneur with heaps of businesses under my belt, I like to STICK IT to SOCIETIES rules and SHOW them what I’m made of.
So I went in search of evidence that my new way of eating = aka MOVING MY MEALS around, was in fact the reason for my BUBBLY-NESS going through the roof!
I just had ENERGY that couldn’t be turned off.
And then I saw Mihaela Telecan, a Big Dreamer inside of Big Dreams Bootcamp cranking out FB lives, that specifically addressed I.F.
I.F = Intermittent Fasting!
I.F = intermittent fasting is how I accidentally and intutiviely started eating after going SUGARLESS.
So finally after a few months, of searching for information, I found that Mihaela’s was the most RICH with information that motivated me. I say that because I actually LOVE the strong science and deep knowledge someone shares.
I decided to bring Mihaela on to not convince you, but maybe show you, how a new way of eating, by moving your meals around, might be the missing thing for you.

How My Brain & PRODUCTivity Increased after after going SUGARLESS + Intuitively Intermittent Fasting (by accident)

Here’s the kicker. My PRODUCTivity went through the ROOF! Of course it would. Since being clearer, feeling better, being creative all joined together make for a pretty strong force of nature to be reckoned with.

Intermittent Fasting was a PRODUCTivity Health Hack I shared in this FB live…

I talked about here in the “Healthy Hacks for Productivity” as well…

About Mihaela Telecan 

  • I received my training as a veterinary doctor (DVM) from the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
  • I completed a Master of Science (MS) in dietetics and nutrition at Florida International University Miami, Florida.
  • I’ve done 900 hours of dietetic internships with Florida International University and its affiliated teaching hospitals of South Florida.
  • I took the national examination with CDR and became a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist.
  • I completed CDR Certification of Training in Adult Weight Management.
  • I took the national examination with NCBDE and became a Certified Diabetes Educator.
  • I’m a graduate of the course Food as Medicine provided by The Center for Mind-Body Medicine.
  • I’m a graduate of the course Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice provided by The Institute for Functional Medicine.
  • I’m also a graduate of the course Integrating Functional Nutrition into Clinical Practice, provided by the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine?iCAMP.
  • I received my certification as a Holistic Health Coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
  • I became Certified GAPS Practitioner (Gut and Psychology/Psychology Syndrome) after completing my training with Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride.
  • I am a certified Spinning Instructor (Mad Dog Athletics), Group Fitness instructor, and Personal Trainer (International Fitness Association).
  • I am a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), and The Weston A. Price Foundation.

Mihaela’s Surprise for you – “The NO Willpower Needed 1-Week Low Carb Menu Plan!” healingwithfoodsacademy.org/no-willpower-needed-1-week-low-carb-menu  

Mihaela Telecan is also a BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMP alumni (I love being able to support BIG DREAMERS and get their messeges out into the world, make sure you check Mihaela out, if you’re interested in going further with LOW CARB HIGH FAT eating or INTERMITTENT FASTING for PRODUCTivity)