ūüíú¬†Entrepreneurial ENERGETICS

PREFACE: I’ve been trying to type up more words for my¬†#MEx3¬†booklet… and this piece keeps tugging at me. So I’ve jumped on to come and write it and get it out of my system and then I’ll return back to the book writing (PRODUCTive procrastination).

Big dreams, what is your Big Dream? Why do you want it? Is it so you can hold the Big Dream in your hand and be nonchalant about it?

Why are you a Big Dreams Chaser? What is the essence of the Big Dream you’re chasing? More than the feeling you want. What is the ENERGETICS you want. It’s not a feeling, it’s your energy field. You know when you just feel a certain way and someone else can feel it. That’s the ENERGETICS transferring from you to them.

If you’re chasing money goals, personal brand dreams, business targets, life dreams and any manner of Big Dreams you’re on a mission to achieve.

My entire University degree. It was a piece of paper.


That’s the Big Dream. A piece of paper. Do you think I got up at 4.30am to study, essay write and learn to get the ‘piece of paper’? None of your dreams are for the piece of paper. They’re for the ENERGETICS.

So when I was holding the piece of paper in my hands, up on stage collecting my bachelor, shaking the deans hand, draped from head to toe in academic dress and topped off with a graduation cap. I was chasing a feeling and the only way to reach the climax of that feeling, is to hold it close by along the way and I call that ENERGETICS.

I was chasing the feeling of PRIDE. The only way to achieve my Big Dream was to emanate the ENERGETICS of PRIDE the entire time I was studying.

The Big Dream = the Climax.

You get to create the ENERGETICS you’re chasing, along the way. And in fact that’s the only way you’ll get there.


In 2014, when I went on my MEx2 mission to turn my blog into a business and launch a little course every month. I asked myself what feelings I was chasing.

Why do you want to have a blog? business? brand?

The energy you’re chasing is the ONLY energy that’s going to get you there.

On my Top5 ENERGETICS for 2014, I was chasing:

  5. LOVE


The only way I went from $1K months to $11K months was to make the end the means. The end was to achieve the Big Dream, the Big Goal of a #6FigBiz the essence of that was to feel ENGAGED ENTHUSIASM. So all year I made it my mission to not only feel that authentically, I manufactured that feeling before it became my natural state.

What ENERGY are you chasing by achieving your BIG DREAM?

That’s the END.

Make it the MEANS.

The END is the MEANS.

What is the ENERGY of your BIG DREAM? Figure out the feeling you’re chasing and make it your mission to manufacture that daily on a micro level, to create it at a macro level.

Because YES, you can achieve the CLIMAX of the Big Dream by bypassing the energetics of what you want that’s my PUSH.

But if you want it to happen via PULL, and using the ALCHEMISTIC ACTION and magical powers of the universe… probably best for YOU and all concerned (aka all the people around you). For you to manufacture the feeling you’re chasing now, so that you can feel it authentically and then you just get to have an awesome climatic day when it happens for real and comes true in manifested form. But in the meantime and the inbetween time, you get to live the ENGAGED ENTHUSIASM or whatever feeling you were chasing, you get to live that inbetween the BIG DREAM.


It’ll change everything you create.

It’ll change what you make.

It’ll change how you make it.

What are your ENERGETICS?


This is BIG BIG DREAMS stuff… Hope it’s landing for you. Because this is really where it’s at.


Do you even know what ENERGY and ESSENCE you’re chasing?

If you don’t.

Make it your mission, to pinpoint the ENERGY and ESSENCE of your Big Dreams, before you chase them any longer.

And then when you realise what you did this whole BIG DREAMS thing for…. AKA the ENERGETICS and then make it your mission. You’re going to get to live in the manifestation of the emotion you’re chasing, now….

Basically, you get to achieve your BIG DREAMS, the day you can emotionally feel the ENERGETICS of what you want. NOW.

Love Jana xx

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