Before I talk to you about fixing my BURNT OUT BRAIN back in the day. I want to share why I just ditched an offer. The Time Manifesting System. After I tell you the story, I’ll share with you what I did to fix my brain after burn out. You can skip to that bit if you want.

I have a huge confession to make, I did it again… (I’m so human, but I’m an aware human, that’s for sure). I found myself out and about with my family on a Sunday exploring the new town we’re in #BigDreamsRoadTrip. It was amazing. Before kids I was a complete revhead and even after kids, I had a GT lookalike, with spoilers, a purple grill, exhaust… etc… etc… I won’t bore you with the details. But it was HOT! So here we are, our family on a day out and all I kept think of was the ‘mini quickie-launch’ I’d started on a whim Saturday.

I ‘thought’ it was “Divine Inspiration”. But I can now ‘feel’ it was actually “Creative Distraction”. Distraction from my vision for 2017. And I had to address it.

I committed to myself while on this #BigDreamsRoadTrip that I DIDN’T want:

  • I don’t want SCATTEREDNESS
  • I don’t want SLAPSTICK
  • I don’t want SUBSTANCELESS

I committed to myself on this #BigDreamsRoadTrip that I DO want:

  • I do want SIMPLE
  • I do want STREAMLINED
  • I do want SUBSTANCE

And when you SLAPSTICK a quickie launch together, although it was the #BestIdeaEver it was no way in sync with the vision I created for this #BigDreamsRoadTrip.

In 2014, I launched a little course and I stacked those puppies, one month at a time:

  • I launched, created and ran my programs SIMPLE
  • I launched, created and ran my programs STREAMLINED
  • I launched, created and ran my programs STRATEGICALLY
  • I launched, created and ran my programs SEQUENCED
  • I launched, created and ran my programs by STACKING them STRATEGICALLY & SEQUENCED!

I built my product suite. I built my empire. I built out my systems. I was so in sync with my VALUES and my #1 PRIORITY. I even had a full month off at the end of the year.


  • BALANCE (AKA #WorkLifeBalance)



Then in 2015, I got all slapstick and started launching 3 or more things per month. It was great… it was fun, it

Until I burnt out. I burnt out so bad my BRAIN turned off. My BRAIN got damaged. I had no creative connector dots and I couldn’t think clearly. 

Today as I was with my family, all I could think about was, SHIT… the 72-hour mini launch for the Time Manifesting Bootcamp ends soon. I felt that exact same feeling I felt in 2015 right when I started NOT listening to the inkling. That I didn’t want to do it this way. I didn’t want to do 3 x launches per month. That this was NOT “Being My Self” and it wasn’t in sync with my VALUES + PRIORITIES. But in 2015, I kept pushing past that feeling.

I launched 3 or 4 things per month. But it was less substance and more slapstick. Buy this. Buy now. Get in. Doors closing. FOMO. And the feeling left me drained.

I promise I’m getting to the BURN OUT stuff soon, but I have to give you context of how COMMITTED you have to be to fix your brain.

I asked myself what I should do?

There’s a SURPRISE BONUS LIVE ROUND OF BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMP starting on Monday 5th June 2017. 

I remembered the BIG DREAM at the start of the year:

This #BigDreamsRoadTrip…

I do want:

  • I do want SIMPLE
  • I do want STREAMLINED
  • I do want SUBSTANCE
  • I do want STACKING

And launching a little mini course in the space of a weekend =


Today with my family walking around the race track (ohhhh that’s what we were doing – the Albany Annual Classic Car Race). I could feel that feeling of DISENGAGEMENT. Where you’re not actually engaged with what you’re doing and instead of thinking about your business. I have NOT had that all year since I have been focused on keeping my business simple.

Keeping BUSINESS SIMPLE = was one of the ways I cured my burnt out brain.

Don’t get me wrong, this is sooooo hard for my ENTHUSIASTICALLY ENGAGED self, who gets sooooo excited about ideas and just wants to get them out there and GO FOR IT. But that same GIFT = became the reason I got burnt out.

I’ve been BURNT out and I know the ramifications are not something I’m choosing to live with this year.

And to be honest, the Big Dreamers, those girls are seriously committed. They didn’t just dive in with 1 foot wanting to see if my Big Dreams Little Time Time Manifesting System worked because they went all in. They believed in me + themselves and that made all the difference to them getting results. So as I was promoting it, I was starting to feel so guilty for the BIG DREAMERS who put their heart, soul and CASH on the line to put themselves through BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMP.

Funny thing is, it’s been on my list of things to do for AGES. I’m so glad I did actually release it (I know funny right).

A) Because the feeling of actually mini-launching the TIME MANIFESTING BOOTCAMP showed me that = NO, I actually don’t want to create an entry level program to BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMP. It’s all or nothing.

B) That I got to see how committed I am to simplicity, sequence and substance. Substance in what I create for you on the front end… aka these blogs, the free videos and everything else I put out.

So the live round will go ahead as planned for the BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMP’ers and it’s going to be epic, like every live round is. Still with BONUS AUDIOS, BONUS VIDEOS, BONUS LIVESTREAMS… because I love to spoil my #BIGDREAMERS.

But NO… the Time Manifesting Bootcamp (as a stand alone offering) = is NOT going ahead.

I promised myself I would not be making new programs this year…. it felt so good when I first got the idea and then after I did it. The BURN OUT feeling started creeping in.

And I remembered it was 15 months to fix my BURNT OUT BRAIN & I’m completely unwilling to do it again.

So here’s what I did to fix my BURNT OUT BRAIN. 

1. Mediation Month


I was talking to one of the #BigDreamers inside Big Dreams Bootcamp who is at a mediation retreat. I had this post in mind, I knew I was going to write a blog post about fixing BURNT OUT BRAIN and it reminded me of the month or so I spent meditating for a good 2 to 3 hours a day.

3 kids? How the heck did I create the time to do that?

“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create”

No, but seriously, I meditated:

  • In the car after school drop off
  • In the car before school pick up
  • In the morning before the kids got up
  • I remember going to the library and before the school run, fitting in another 20 minutes
  • Sitting in bed
  • Before going to bed
  • Instead of watching TV, I meditated
  • When hubs was in the shower, I meditated

I remember some mornings waking up and having 5 x meditations lined up (I do best with guided).

What Meditations Did I Use?

  1. Visualisations
  2. My favourite were the 30 minute (extended) Oprah & Deepak Mediation Challenge Mediations
  3. Melissa Ambrosini’s Mediations
  4. EMDR
  5. Chakra Cleanse

I BATHED my BRAIN with meditation 

And it started to make connections again. It felt like the burn out and adrenal fatigue was lifting.

I have to be clear here. I am sooo committed to BALANCE. But there I was, BURNT OUT, from a few ill choices that weren’t in SYNC with my VALUES + PRIORITIES! When you’re not living in SYNC with your VALUES & PRIORITIES you’re going to BURN OUT because you’re not being your self. You’re not serving your self. And it plain won’t work.  It took me 3 months (only 3 months) of living out of SYNC with my VALUES & PRIORITIES and living off-balance… to burn out. 3 MONTHS off BALANCE and my BRAIN BURNT OUT. Lesson learnt.

Did I feel like it? NO.

Did I want my BRAIN BACK? YES.

So I bathed my brain in meditation.

All of a sudden my juggling got easier again. That’s when I realised. BALANCE is my JOB.

My brain was connecting dots more clearly again.

My creativity, my writing, my everything transformed.

I’m not saying spend a month mediating… I’m saying… don’t BURN YOURSELF OUT so much that you have to spend a month meditating to FIX your BURNT OUT BRAIN! For me the saddest, most tormenting… shit it makes me want to cry right now. The worst part was feeling like your creative tool. For me it was my creative writing, felt like it vanished and that was more painful than anything else. Feeling like your creativity is ripped off you. It’s so painful and it’s not a pain I’m willing to ever be in again, because I choose not to BURN OUT and that’s why I’m choosing NOT to cave and continue as planned, with the simple, sequenced, stacking, systematised, sequenced everlaunching of BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMP. It makes my marketing so simple, so ease-y breezy, so SUBSTANCE filled. Versus SCARCITY driven marketing-ish.

So if your BRAIN is feeling a BIT or a LOT fried. Immerse yourself in MEDITATION for a month, as much as you can. In every corner and crevice of your day and feel the weight of BURN OUT lifting from your BRAIN. And watch your creativity and dot-connecting return like a flood.

2. Water Therapy


So on top of the month-long meditation, I spent the entire 2016 committed to fixing my brain from the burn out. One of the things I noticed, is that turning your entire life, every moment, into an opportunity for burn out curing, through mindful and meditative living and water therapy was the best way for me to do that.

Today we went to the Little Bitch (the picture here). One of the most beautiful beaches in Western Australia (where we’re currently at). I’m so grateful I’ve been able to travel to the little corners of Australia that some don’t see in their whole lifetime and I’ve got to see them, experience them, be there and soak up their beauty.

I’ve noticed that whenever we’re near the BEACH we are home. When we’re in the BUSH, we’re a lot more wobbly, not just ME, but my whole family. As a whole, we are BEACH babies.

So water therapy was a major part of curing my brain after burn out.

Over the year, I did 3 different types of water therapy in order to fix my burnt out brain. Each new activity seemed to bring my brain back to pre-burnt-out creativity and clarity.

A) Swim


The first thing I did at the start of the year in 2016. Was swim. I signed myself up to a 1 kilometre open ocean water swim. #NoosaSwim. I remember the first time I got in the water to do my first training lap. I barely made it to the other end. I couldn’t breathe, I felt so unfit.

But again I was committed to the outcome, fix my burnt out brain, from a temporary lapse in my commitment to #WorkLifeBalance.

I did 3 x training sessions per week, swimming on average about 3kilometres a week. I also started bike riding 10 kilometres a week, to fix my brain through exercise. It was the swimming that had the most impact though.

I spent most of the time underwater, embedding new beliefs.

Beliefs about success. Especially that Success did not have to mean being burnt out and strung out and instead success could mean:

  • vitality
  • lightness
  • health
  • vibrancy
  • energy

And I just kept embedding those new beliefs… I created the FREE MINI COURSE: “Action Blockbusting Bootcamp” (AKA my #BeliefWork process over 5 days, which includes this embedding phase of the reprogramming)

YES… I did it with 3 kids, my business and life. You have to be committed to the vision. I had a vision of completely healing myself from the burn out and never letting myself get to that point ever again.

Actionable: Find a meditative practice that will help strengthen you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually all at once. Training for a BIG thing (like a race, a marathon, hike etc… gives you the motivation to crack through the habit hill hump).

B) Baths


During Winter, after the big swim. I would sit myself in a magnesium salt bath instead of watching TV after the kids went to bed. I had the water as hot as I could possibly stand it. And ask myself if I needed to do some #BeliefWork, read a book or just sit. Most of the time. It was write. It was here I got to the bottom of bottlenecking beliefs that had been holding me back my whole life. Some that were embedded from the age of 8. I don’t think I ever would’ve found these beliefs buried in the subconscious part of my brain, had I not spent almost every night in the bath, fleshing it out, getting to the bottom of why I let myself go against my values in the first place.


Because clearly, I only went off track with my BALANCE value for 3 months at the start of 2015 and it was enough to have lastly damage that impacted my brain, my ability to write, connect dots, create and just overal function at the high performance level I needed to as a mum of 3!

That Winter in the bath… I got to the bottom of beliefs that would’ve effected me for ever. I’m so glad I got to the bottom of them, moved through them and decided what new beliefs I would take with me on this next decade of big dreams and success.

Actionable: what daily practice can you do that will deep dive into your bottlenecking beliefs so that you can flip them? (if you want my #BeliefWork process for shifting your beliefs so you can take the action you nee dto take and have the balance you want…  here is my FREE MINI COURSE: “Action Blockbusting Bootcamp” (AKA my #BeliefWork process over 5 days, which includes this embedding phase of the reprogramming)

C) Summer at the Beach

summer at the beach for burn out

To really bring the balance home. We spent an entire summer going to beach. It was just the thing that completely cured me of my burn out. And it was the quest that started the book writing where I finally wrote my best selling book and then got the idea to do this #BigDreamsRoadTrip!

Actionable: create a Balance Quest to counteract any of your projects. What is one Quest that you could commit to daily, that seems sort of crazy and set yourself a goal (aka QUEST) to do it everyday. Your brain needs it to be able to function at it’s best for you and your big dreams.

So you can see I was so committed to curing my burnt out brain. And that’s exactly why I pulled myself back from launching a little side course “Time Manifesting Bootcamp” and instead, just stuck to the original plan at the start of the year.

3 programs.

Bring It Online – my membership program.

Big Dreams Bootcamp – my signature system.

Business Butterfly Effect – my mastermind mentorship.

Staying true and committed to the vision I had at the start of the year, to simplify my business + life…that’s precisely why we packed up our whole family, a made all these major life changes. In search of less shit and more substance. And we have found all that and more. So I’m not about to give that up.

I’m committed to my BIG DREAM for 2017.

Are you?

Love Jana xx

BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMP live 14day round starts tomorrow… see you inside.