Your business is just a vessel for your big dream the business is the tool, it’s not the actual dream!

Like my dream of location freedom and being with my kids and writing for a living… those were the big dreams and visions and then BUSINESS came into my life as a tool and vessel to make that big dream come to life. It wasn’t the other way round.

Get YOUR DREAMS SET and the vessel will follow… 

I discovered something today that I’ve never realised until I saw a real subtle word a #bigdreamer shared inside the Big Dreams BOOTCAMP group (we’re super tight in there and supportive beyond belief!).

I can’t believe I’ve not noticed this before.

It’s why I’ve never seen myself as a business guru, except I’m always mentoring, coaching and inducting #bigdreamsers who have businesses.

But we don’t see ourselves as BUSINESS owners do we?

Well, I don’t.

I’ve always seen my BUSINESS, which is just me, even through all the iterations my business extensions of me have been through.

The wedding makeup business = extension of me.

The online wedding directory = an extension of me.

The removals company = and extension of me.

The networking marketing business = an extension of me.

Now my big dreams BUSINESS =  % is just an extension of me. It is ME.

All my iterations of business have never been about the business.

The business is just the vessel.

The business is just the tool.

To which I get my writing.

My words.

My skills.

My magic.

To you.

That’s how I exchange my experience with you.

That’s how I exchange my expertise with you.

Dinner is finished baking…

Hold that thought 

Let me know what you think…

Is business your vessel for your big dream? Because it’s always been BIG DREAM first for me. BUSINESS has always just been the tool and vessel for which I’ve achieved it.

Would love your thoughts?

Do you see yourself as a businesswoman or more a big dreamer?? Who has work to do and impact to make?

Love Jana xx