Today is one of those days, where I have butterflies in my tummy. I’m flicking between FLOW and FRUSTRATION. The flow that I have so much to say. And the frustration that I want to do it all in one day! To move through the flicking between FLOW and FRUSTRATION which is a weird place to be flicking between. This morning I streamlined this for you – which starts the conversation around BIG DREAMS & BUSINESS and how for us the business is not the BIG DREAM, the business is the vehicle, vessel, tool for the BIG DREAMS to come true and through you.

And now after such flow, I’m feeling this immense, almost flittery, butterfly feeling as if I’m levitating, because I know I’m on the cusp of something huge. I’ve articulated something that is going to cause SHIFTS for your wildest dreams, I’ve got butterflies in my chest, they’re coursing down through my arms and what I’m creating and channelling here is another level and opportunity for me to really help you to shift magically into your BIG DREAMS. So stay engaged. Stay present, what’s about to flow through me for you, is going to go even further with creating your BIG DREAMS VISION which will CAUSE the EFFECTS in your BUSINESS.

The Big Dreams Vision is where it all starts and comes from. The business if the universe sees fit, will come through you and to you as an effect of your big dreams vision on the FB LIVE.

And as I went to the playground with the kids, I had these moments of intense butterfly sensations coming over me. As I felt the transformation shifting from the way I’ve been talking about BIG DREAMS to the way I am now able to articulate and understand, how and why BIG DREAMS are different for us. I wasn’t born a business woman, I was born a Big Dreamer and BUSINESS has been a vessel, a tool, a vehicle to bring those BIG DREAMS into being.

Are we ready for this #BigDreamers? I am.

I’m so grateful for Renee a #BigDreamer inside Big Dreams Bootcamp for sharing her heart and soul the other day, which caused a major epiphany for me, watching the differentiation and subtle BIG DREAMS wording and wording changes! I’ve never picked up on this and I’m now in awe at the articulation and had to download it in today’s FB LIVE by the river side). I love that my #BigDreamers are BRAVE enough to let me share sometimes! After I had the epiphany I wrote a post on it, which Renee (and a few other BigDreamers inside BDB and outside) printed it out.

[VIDEO] Massive Huge Big Dreams Realisation I Just Had (It's going to transform my business and your life forever!) [VIDEO] Massive Huge Big Dreams Realisation I Just Had (It’s going to transform my business and your life forever!)

Love Jana xx

Big Dreams Chaser & Strategist!