11 Stages of Big Dreams Decision Making BEFORE You Big Dreams Bootcamp Yourself

The last few days I’ve been going through a BIG DREAMS PRE-SETTING Decision making process to make sure the idea I have is a BIG DREAM project vs CREATIVE DISTRACTION. I got hijacked by an urge that wouldn’t leave me alone and the last few days I’ve been putting myself through my Big Dreams Decision making paces to make sure it was a BIG DREAM vs CREATIVE DISTRACTION (because I’m human + susceptible to that). In pursuit of simplicity, I’ve had to be ruthless. Sometimes ruthless even to the #BestIdeasEver. It’s sometimes hard to tame and decipher what dreams to do and what to leave to someone else. I started hinting on social media that a little big dream was brewing. Below I’ve documented the stages of the Big Dreams Decision-making process, before I Big Dreams Bootcamp myself on a dream.

But first – the Big Dream

Big Dreams Decision I’m Deliberating On

Last week, I ran a workshop in Denmark, Western Australia. Hosted by Mitle Southey from Dare to Flourish. As alumni of Business Butterfly Effect, Mitle asked if I could dive into the marketing strategies from BBE.  Which I LOVE teaching in a workshop, mastermind setting. So perfect.

This was the first time I taught the #SocialMediaNutCracking themed workshop. And the teachings just streamed from me, as if they were an extension of me. The workshop was incredible, the women were amazing. Like beyond! And after the Business Butterfly Effect workshop, I couldn’t sleep. I had to bottle up the strategies that streamed through me. Somehow managing to capture my style of un-internet-marketing and bottling it up into something so tangible you can touch it. So you can leverage your online into something tangible. 

PERTH WESTERN AUSTRALIA – Workshop booking link here.

So I had this massive download (I’ll tell you the way it came to me right at the end of this long story) to create an eBook based on the teachings from the #SocialMediaNutCracking workshop (sign up here, to get instant notification when the eBook gets published). And this time, I wanted to walk you through the Big Dreams Decision making process, because in pursuit of simplicity, I’ve had to be massively discerning of new ideas that come and make sure they sync with my Big Dreams. I watched and documented myself going through all the phases of setting a Big Dream before I Big Dreams Bootcamp myself into it being achieved.

I’m all for “Don’t Think Just Do” but that’s in the context of Social Media posts and rituals (that have been pre-set in your right mind). But when it comes to BIG projects, BIG dreams, BIG decisions. Sometimes (and you know when this is the case – and when you’re just overthinking it to ruin it) you have to sit your butt down and go through the motions. So I want to show you, so let’s go on a journey of Big Dreams Decision making…. put your helmets on you’re in for a heck of a ride, it gets even wilder at the end (if you’re dedicated enough to stick around and read until then).

Big Dream Decision = Business Butterfly Effect #SocialMediaNutCracking eBook (as part of a simple sales sequence). 

#1 – Syncing

You’re going to have 2 x layers of belief going on here.

Layer #1 – beliefs about the actual project itself.

Layer #2 – beliefs about success

So the first layer is surface level in a way and the busting of that belief is going to open you up to uncovering the ‘success’ belief you got going that will cause you to procrastinate well past the Big Dreams Decision-making process has been worked through.

If you think “YEP, I’ve made the Big Dreams Decision”… “I’ve De.Cide.D!” And then you go to take action and your kid at that very moment requests something… = you have a belief undercurrent going on. Time doesn’t manifest when you’re harbouring bottlenecking beliefs about the project you’re about to embark on + the actual big picture and big dream and success.

That’s been happening all week. It’s almost (but no really actually because I only just today on day 7 finally fully decided) uncanny… Everyday I’ve tried to sit down to spend some time writing the eBook = right at the moment I flip the laptop lid… my book comes in “Mum I’m hungry”.

I’m not kidding you, the other day it was 2PM, homeschooling had been done, fun had been done, present time had been had and the kids were all playing on the jumping pillow and were with some new friends. And I said to hubs. “I’m going to go and get 30 minutes writing done for the eBook”. I gather my notebook, get my laptop, sit down, crack the laptop lid open about 2 centimetres… 3 kids + the new friend kids come into the caravan to play “Shopkins!”… I was like “OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME!”. See this is the opposite of Time Manifesting. This is why I actually call it Time Manifesting. This is what happens when you’re not in SYNC with the Big Dream.

I busted a few beliefs in this Big Dreams Decision process.

EBOOKS = SIMPLE (again I had to reprogram that eBooks are fun and simple to put together vs hard and complicated!)

SIMPLE = AMPLIFIES (my bottlenecking belief was that it simple equates to things moving at a SNAILS pace and if we’ve ever met you know I talk fast, dream fast, do fast and snails pace is not my way of doing things)

SIMPLE = EASY (my bottlenecking belief was the SIMPLE is NOT EASY! << Mel Robbins TedX talk says that and it was etched in my belief ecosystem. It might be true, it might be fact, but the fact that SIMPLE is not EASY was FACTUALLY making it impossible for me to pursue simplicity since I was going for SIMPLE & EASY, not SIMPLE & HARD! Make sense?).

Fast forward 7 days and 3 big beliefs reprocessed (through my #BeliefWork process – it’s free BTW), I sat down an hour ago to write this blog post. Not one single kid has disturbed me! I haven’t had a work chunk like this all week. This is how you manifest time. You BLOCKBUST the beliefs that are holding you back from making tracks and working the Big Dream.

When you bust the bottlenecking beliefs you sync yourself subconsciously with the Big Dream. And when your subconscious is on your side, you manifest time, you take alchemist action, stuff just works and things just happen.

Actionable: Do the #BeliefWork process and bust your bottlenecking beliefs about the PROJECT + SUCCESS + TIME (there’s always another layer of success beliefs to uncover).

#2 Sketch

Todo list, mind maps, sketches.

This Big Dreams Decision was made over 7 days, I sketched drawings of how the eBook fits into the funnels of my business. And how the eBook funnel sequences and series fits into my business model. What’s the long term vision? What to put in it. What to write. Ideas to refine. I sketched for the 3 hour drive from Denmark, Western Australia to Busselton, Western Australia (where we’re staying now).

Sketch, draw, mind map (mind maps are the best) the project and the Big Dreams Decision. When you map it out, it can start to make more sense and the idea becomes more clear. When the idea is clear the action is easier.

Actionable: Keep your note pad and paper and pen close by to catch and sketch all the Big Dreams Decisions and Brain Pops you get. If it’s true Big Dreams Decision that matches your values and vision for your Big Dreams Life, you’re going to be inundated with Brainpops that help you with the producing of the project once you decide to go forth.

#3 – Struggle

There’s no chronological way to explain the struggle for the duration of your Big Dreams Decision process.  You’re going to be up and down, yay and nay, yes and no, woohoo and holy shit… Sometimes the struggle is the thing that pushes you into finally making this Big Dreams Decision. Sometimes the struggle is the actual process of deciding to dive in on this Big Dreams Decision. It’s different for every level and layer of your Big Dreams Decision and it depends on the actual Big Dream itself.

Your Big Dreams Decision to launch a little course vs create an ebook, is going to vary greatly depending on – A) the amount of work to be done and B) the duration of the project and C) the degree of difficulty involved in the task.

My example here with the eBook is a 7day Big Dreams Decision process. But my decision to Launch a Little Course took me 3 months back in 2013. Waiting for the Green Light to DIVE in on the Big Dreams Decision and Big Dreams Bootcamp the heck out of myself, my life and the project in order to make it come true, happen and get done.

The Big Dreams Decision to dive into writing a 50,000word book last year, was HUGE, it took me 15 months to DIVE in and DECIDE! I wouldn’t in a million years recommend that long, and I’m telling you all these stages I’m explaining here, I went through them in great detail over those 15 months. Once I decided to do it, it took me 30 days to go from a BLANK page to a BEST selling BOOK! It was all about the Big Dreams Decision once it was made, I stopped spinning and started winning and that’s what this is about. Getting your self to the point of actually making the Big Dreams Decision and Big Dreams Bootcamping yourself into the achievement of that Big Dream!

#4 – Signs

Ask for signs… And listen!

The last 7 days of this Big Dreams Decision making process before well and truly diving right in and Big Dreams Bootcmaping myself. It has been sign, after sign, after sign. After each and every obvious sign I would say – “OK, can I have another one!”.

If you’ve been following my FB Lives and videos, you would’ve seen the bajillion butterflies that are all just hanging out… right where we access the beach from this caravan park! Yeah, you think that’d be obvious right? Only today, I said “OK, I hear you Universe, I get it”. Those butterflies have been just in that spot for the past few days!

You see this Big Dreams Decision is a part of my Million Dollar Business plan of having it mainly based on sequences and strategies that run in the background, so I can show up to the front end of my business day after day and write what I want to write, say what I want to say and teach what I feel like teaching and/or training on each day! So the 1st day I went down to the beach, I had these parrots swooping and flying in front of me. It was amazing. And again, it was ONLY at the place were I access the beach… There were none others on the beach.

I Googled: “What’s the spiritual meaning of parrots” and the answer – a parrot represents “What you once thought was impossible, is not possible – GO FOR IT” and on that same page was an advertisement for very exact thing I want to buy that’s in the vicinity of $39,000K!

GO FOR IT! Was the sign of the Parrots.

Actionable: Ask for signs and then listen to them. If you get them and then you need more obvious signs, ask for a more obvious sign! Watch what shows up and then Google the spiritual meaning of it… But don’t go looking for the signs. It’s a hard thing to explain. Ask for the sign and then stop looking, just let the sign stop you in your tracks!

#5 – Strategise

Look at this next project and Big Dream and how it fits into your BIG DREAMS vision and values. What’s the strategy behind this action?

For my book the strategy was to introduce people to my fundamental core trainings of getting unjuggled, it fit into my bigger picture, it put my roots down and I felt like I could then bring them through the same and similar phase my Big Dreams were built.

Ask yourself:

How Does this Big Dream Fit Into the Big Picture?

EG. Unjuggled > Big Dreams Bootcamp > Workshops & VIP stuff.

EG. Business Butterfly Effect eBook > Business Butterfly Effect Marketing & Sales Mentorship & Mastermind… and in person workshops that I’m running around Australia right now.

How does this Big Dream fit your VISION & VALUES?

EG. My Big Dreams Vision & Values for 2017 are simplicity, business and life simplicity. Does this sequence and eBook fit into that? I had to ask myself this question.

How can you prevent your fears from happening?

EG. My book, I thought, ok I’m going to have to lock myself in a dark room for a month to get it written. But I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to fee actually authentic writing a book about finding more time and spaciousness for my Big Dream + I had the fear that going away from my business for a month was going to create an income dip causing me to freak out and become anxiety laden while writing.

Strategies to counteract the fear:

A) Strategy to counteract burn out fear – I Big Dreams Bootcamped myself and created a Quest to go to the beach everyday of writing the book, to 100% prevent burnt out while writing

B) Stragtegy o counteract Business Dip – I created a VLOG to record (and effectively launch by default) the book writing process. That VLOG was my most successful YouTube series and was the reason it hit a Best Selling Book in 24 hours. Because I had VLOGGED the whole process. Keeping the ‘marketing’ part of my business running, without having to produce anything besides sitting my butt down and writing the book!

#5 – Stillness

The Big Dreams Decision process can be laden with fears, struggle, unsure-ness, wobbliness, the struggle stage of flow is friggin hard to weather especially when you have kids reflecting the wobbly feeling you have, the unsure, unsteady, off keel vibe you’re putting off. It can be hard to keep your head on straight and not feel completely in sane during the Big Dreams Decision process.

Actionable: Everytime you catch yourself not breathing, clenching your jaw, gritting your teeth or feeling frustrated, breath… breathe. Breathe. Into it. Just take a moment to take 3 breaths and hopefully return yourself to centre. If not, that’s fine. The breath would’ve worked for your lungs. But most of the time it’ll help your brain and mood too.

#6 – Speak

Marion reached out to me, she could feel I was in the midst of a Big Dreams Decision. We downloaded to each other at the start of the year, what our plans for 2017 were. We never schedule this. But we are so in sync with each other we just can’t get away with hiding how we’re feeling and where we are – energetically. I pray you have someone like that for you.

We recorded our Big Dreams Decisions Discussion for you, so that you could get something out of it and watch how us entrepreneurs go through the motion and set our BIG DREAMS DECISIONS.

It’s so scary when you’re about to DECIDE to DIVE into a BRAND new Big Dream Dream and go through the BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMPING process of bringing that big dream to life.

Marion & Me spoke about how we were going through the phases of BIG DREAMS DECISION making.

When you get to talk to a friend who gets it, it’s like you just can’t get away with it. By speaking it out we discovered some smart little strategies that actually stop us from DECIDING to DIVE into a Big Dream and we stay spectators. When we were talking we saw that your Big Dreams Decisions are usually stopped in an effort to keep yourself small, stalled, stuck and spinning the old.

That little “Thinky Gremlin”.

It’s this little thing on your shoulder that whispers to you:

“Come on, let’s do this other thing”

“It’ll be way more funner”

“It’s way easier”

“Let’s do that!”

This happens when you want to break out of an old business pattern.

Release a new product.

Creatively distract yourself.

I see this “Thinky Gremlin” coming a mile off now and I can stop it in it’s tracks.

It’s frenetic. It’s frantic. It parades the new idea, like the #BestIdeaEver but it’s literally just Creative Distraction from your original Big Dream Plan and Vision. Some may say this is the right way to go. But I beg to differ. When you have a vision of how you dream your life to be and what you’re WILLING and NOT WILLING to do going forth, usually this new #BESTIDEAEVER goes against this.

For example, if you’re a workaholic and DECIDE to DIVE into a new long-term Big Dream to create balance in your life. Streamline your business, create systems that duplicate you so you don’t have to be tied to your desk. The little “Thinky Gremlin” comes in and says at 11 pm at night… “JUST ONE MORE HOUR WON’T HURT” and before you know it it’s 3 AM in the fucking morning and there you are, back at square 1, a million miles away from your original intention. The “Thinky Gremlin” it’s so persuasive. It’s like a mini terrorist in your head, telling you to do things that are opposite to your values and vision.

WE discovered these ways of explaining and articulating this “Thinky Gremlin” when we were speaking. So I say SPEAK out your Big Dream and SEE, is this a YES or is a NO.

Here’s Marion + Me talking about our Big Dreams Decisions

Actionable: If you go ahead with this BIG DREAMS DECISION, is it in line with your BIG DREAMS VISION & VALUES?

#7 – Song

This may seem a little silly. But I have a new song for each new Big Dreams Decision. I see each of my Big Dreams as a separate entity all with their own part to play in my Big Dreams picture for the next month, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years & ultimately the next DECADE (yes I dream in DECADES!).

I haven’t shared this – but my Big Dreams Decade has:

:: An interview with Oprah

:: On Oprah’s Book Club

:: Hay House Author

:: TedX Talk

:: New York Times Best Selling Author…

Known as the girl that helps you achieve your BIG DREAMS. She has these magical powers to help you shift the beliefs that help you achieve your BIG DREAMS with the BIGGEST BALANCE people have seen in the history of BIG DREAMERS! << Yep that’s the woman, girl I want to be for the world. I gots Big Dreams!

Anyway, for each new BIG DREAM as a project for my BIGGEST DREAMS for the DECADE. I have a theme song for them.

IN 2014 – my song for Peking Duk – High was my theme song for writing and creating the Launch A Little Course content. Sia – My Love was my theme song for creating the Big Dreams Bootcamp content and promo materials and it’s still my writing song (coincidence? Of course not)

In 2015 – my song for was Lean On – Feat MO & DJ Snake!

In 2016 – my theme song for making + carrying out the writing of my book was BREATHE – By Sia (I love Sia for writing songs!) + Take Me Down by Broadhurst (it’s a song about not being taken down by fear! It subliminally was there for me, as I melted through the deep fear I had about flopping and failing at my biggest dream of the decade… to write a Best Selling Book! << It worked. #1 Best Seller in 24 hours baby!)

Right now, I picked my THEME SONG for this new Big Dreams Decision. Actually, it picked me. I logged into iTunes, a banner came up for Lorde, I clicked the album, started playing the first song of the album – it’s Green Light – Lorde! Like it literally is called “Green Light!” Almost like… actually EXACTLY like the Universe giving me a sign that this is the GREEN LIGHT for this Big Dreams Decision. Today is Day 7 of my Big Dreams Decision process and I am well and truly grounded in this decision, so I’m writing this blog post and then writing and finishing the eBook! To this theme song.

Actionable: So pick and choose a song. Don’t force it. The right one will come when you’re ready to DIVE into your BIG DREAMS DECISION! Use that to start executing the Big Dream.

#8 – Surrender

At the end of day 7. I had this intense sadness wash over me. Battling against the ebbs and flows of Big Dreams Decision making.


GIVE up. Trying.

GIVE up. Pushing.

GIVE up.

Purely. You have to and you will get to the point of pure exhaustion from this Big Dreams Decision-making process. You’ve been through the gurgler. On Day 7 at the end of the day. I was spent. I had to surrender. I got my periods and then all of a sudden just intense emotion washed over me.

“Maybe I’m not as strong as I thought”

“Maybe I shouldn’t do this”

Doubt, depleted-ness, drama…

The emotional rollercoaster came to it’s end and it was time to energetically GIVE UP! GIVE IN.

In a sense that you’re GIVING up how this pans out.

GIVE up the outcome you’re searching for.

GIVE up the format you’re expecting this to be made in.

GIVE up the expectations of how this was supposed to go and how this Big Dreams Decision is supposed to feel, be and act like.

You have to GIVE UP.



Not just mentally.

GIVE Up SPIRITUALLY… I spiritually threw in the towel. “Universe, I GIVE UP!”.

GIVE up MENTALLY… I’m done, I GAVE up mentally.

GIVE UP EMOTIONALLY… stop trying to fight the emotions. Let them wash over you and take you down.

GIVE UP trying to control your emotions

GIVE up trying to control the SITUATION

GIVE UP trying to control the INSPIRATION…



Trying to control the decision, trying to KNOW for SURE – “IS THIS THE RIGHT THING TO DO?”

I just GAVE UP.

I GAVE UP on every cell of my body.

I took my sad and upset self down to the beach.

DAY8… I had slept in, out of spite. I gave up. Energetically, emotionally, physically, spiritually… I slept in as a sign of “I SURRENDER ALL”… for reals. It is my form of saying to the universe, ok, your turn now. I’ve shown up:

:: I spoke

:: I sketched out the plans

:: I struggled

:: I listened to the signs

:: I synced my subconscious

I showed up… now it’s your turn. I’ve decided, I showed up. Through the thick and the thin of this decision. Now, I GIVE UP. I GIVE IN. It’s up to you now. I’m an open channel, do you want to bring this forth from me and to them? I’m waiting.

I get up at about 9 AM. Mason is having a full on whinging day. Whinging for everything. Getting on everyone’s last nerve. Mason is our reflector. He reflects back to us and me, exactly how I’m feeling inside when he’s screaming about everything – I’m SCREAMING on the inside! That’s kinda the thing when mama goes down like a sack of shit, the whole thing falls the fuck apart, That’s how this rolls. It is what it is. You can fight it, or embrace it. Somedays you want to scream against it. But you are the strength mama. You are the pillar mama. You are the glue that keeps this whole thing together. It is what it is. Embrace your position of power. You are powerful beyond belief. Accept on days like this when you’re in the surrender stage of a Big Dreams Decision.

I walked myself over to the shower. Wallowing a little in my own self-pity. “THIS IS FUCKED!” Universe… WTF do you want me to do? YES, or fucking NO, could you please stop making it so damn hard? I GIVE UP. Do what you will.

I have a shower, I walk out of the shower and see the age that being the mama of this boy, Mason, my reflector has added to me. Since he was born, I look about 10 years older. He’s is the hardest human I’ve ever come across and I’m surprised I’m not in the looney bin being his mother. And then I look at myself again. Swollen eyes from the 24hours in SURRENDERED SADNESS. WOW. Mason has given me such a gift, he has shown me how much unconditional love one can have and be. How patient I am. How strong I am.

The shower only slightly improved my SURRENDERED SADNESS mood.

SO I say to hubs, who sees me like this maybe once a freakin year. No one knows what to do when I’m like this. JANA = SAD… It’s like everyone gets in shock. But I”m rolling with it. I surrendered to not giving a fuck what anyone thinks. Mama is SAD and you’all going to have to deal.

I say “I’m going to the beach”.

I walk myself down to the beach. Tears welling in my eyes.

“Maybe I’m not as strong as I thought I was”


I walk to the beach. Depleted. Sad. Surrendered.

The universe, do what you will with me, because I’m fresh out of will, I’ve mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually GIVIN UP!

But still, all along, I know that I’m in some stage of the process. The outcome = irrelevant. But the process = imminent.

I sit my butt on the beach, coffee cup in hand, head pressed against the warmth of my coffee cup. There’s not many butterflies there today. “Ha, maybe a sign”. “Maybe the Universe gave up on me getting this Big Dreams Decision and idea out into the world”.

I sit there for a little while longer, wallowing.

And then out of my bag I pulled my brand new neon pink journal. Seems fitting that I’ve got a brand new journal for this exact surrendered sadness sitting on the beach, soaking up the warmness of the coffee, listening to the waves crash on the beach. And then I pull out the pen and write these exact words in my journal, half way through realising I’m starting a new journal with a Gratitude / Thanks Giving entry, on the beach, with sand in toes and coffee in hand. The last journal I was doing this on the other side of Australia. Not yet left on this Big Dreams Road Trip.

GRATITUDE – Busselton Beach 16/06/2017

I am so grateful for the sound of the waves, it makes me feel alive – I am I feel so grateful for my ability to really feel the sun this morning, I feel it, I see it stretching and singing across the page it makes me wonder how I could get so disconnected from my strength, to the support I have within and out. I give thanks to the butterfly. Here I am – starting a new journal on the other side of Australia, with my feet in the sand, a coffee in hand, a few months after writing my first ever gratitude entry. How could this be – that I could not see, how much gratitude and blessings I have. I give thanks to our house being sold without us being present. I give thanks that we, I, us are releasing it to someone that will love it just as much as us. I give thanks for the coffee I have in my hand, I give thanks I feel grateful that I always have a cup of coffee close by. I give thanks to the signs and the butterflies and the butterflies and the parrots. I give thanks to my beautiful new Ripcurl thongs they are the cutest upgrade ever. I am enough. I am more than good enough. I give thanks for the 24 hours of emotional pain and sadness to show me – that the belief I’m operating on and out of = I am not good enough.

Ahhhhhhh. The bottlenecking belief – busted – I am not good enough. And there it was…

LAYER #3 Beliefs about yourself

Sometimes that third layer of beliefs about yourself, the biggest of big bottlenecking beliefs don’t show themselves until you have a spiritual surrendering experience. So the next page of my #BeliefWork I uncovered different variations of how the BELIEF of not being good enough was showing up in my reality and affecting my ability to take action on this Big Dreams Decision. After writing a page of all the ways “Not Good Enough” was showing up in my reality. I released the old belief and I received the new beliefs to go forth with.

Reality – how is this BELIEF showing up in your reality, write down a list of all the ways.

Release – choose which beliefs one by one, you’re willing and ready to RELEASE from your REALITY.

Receive – choose to receive new beliefs in their place, beliefs that will allow you to receive the inspiration and action in congruence with your Big Dreams Decision.

Robb out, erase and release spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically those old beliefs. After I did a page of these it was time to set my 3 x BIG DREAMS (Big Dreams Bootcamp style). I saw myself for the first time, going through the pre-process for making a Big Dreams Decision, by writing this blog post. I saw myself go through all the stages and then slip into it, ever so subliminally and subconsciously shift.

Actionable: GIVE UP, GIVE IN… SURRENDER. Can you get yourself to the point of surrender? Truly not giving a shit what the outcome is? Because if you can’t, sorry… never going to happen. It’s a double-edged sword. We want to KNOW it’s going to work. We want a guarantee the effort we put into our BOOK + COURSE + BABY MAKING + BUSINESS = is going to work. Not. How. The. Universe. Works. And that’s not how BIG DREAMS WORK. It’s a tricky paradox. It’s something you can’t force. Surrender washes over you like a spiritual moment where you’re on your knees and you’ve given up emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically and the claw marks of you trying to control the situation… your claws let go and you let in what needs to come through you. Surrender is always the same. It’s not until you GIVE UP (which is shit hot hard for us STUBBORN BIG DREAMERS to do) but there’s no other way around. This part of the stage can’t be forced. Just witness it when it comes. Only then will you be able to move forth and forward. You can cling on for years. But it won’t ever SHIFT until you SURRENDER… It’s fucking annoying right!? But it’s got this ironic way of being the only way forward and forth. Giving up control. GIVE up trying to control the SITUATION. GIVE UP trying to control the INSPIRATION…

#9 – Shift

You can feel it in your bones. I could see it on the paper. I’d gone from Surrendered Sadness to Gratitude Goosebumps to Releasing shitty beliefs to make way for the new beliefs that will be by my side for this Big Dreams Decision. I felt the shift in my pan. Writing 3 x Big Dreams. And subliminally shifting from decision making to Big Dreams Bootcamping myself into executing on the Big Dreams Decision and turning it into a project that puts a pin in my Big Dreams. A little eBook that becomes a part of my big picture Big Dreams. I do this naturally now, my steps, my system, they’re subliminally embedded. I can see the stages. Even more so now having documented this Big Dreams Decision-making process. What a ride, right!

And I shifted gears. I went through all the emotions of the rainbow to get to that shift. Where the cogs in my mind, spirit, body shifted and I felt the urge, the pull… instead of the push. I was ready.

#10 – Set

Time to SET your big dreams again. I relocked in my Big Dreams. The Top x 3. Something I usually do on a Sunday. But today’s a Saturday and it’s done. I went over all my Big Dreams. This is a part of the Big Dreams Bootcamp process, we do this weekly. Because it’s that powerful.

Big Dreams #1 – $1,500,000 million dollar business. I asked myself… “WHY do you want that BIG DREAM?”

WHY: “Fun… a big dream. I can help others achieve. I help people see how capable they are of creating a business based on what they LOVE.

While living a life they LOVE.

While being with the people they LOVE…

YES. Love is the answer.

A $1,500,000 business based on 100% LOVE (I wrote)

LOVE of your craft

LOVE of your life

LOVE of your family



So is this Big Dreams Decision apart of this big dream? I asked in my Big Dreams Setting Session.

The answer, not from my but from the Universe as it moved my pen and wrote: “eBook Sequences = GO!” You already know it’s your MILLION DOLLAR IDEA!

And then I remember how the idea had come to me moments after the workshop. As I drove back to our caravan resort park…

“EBOOK with those teachings”


The voice said:


I double questioned it – I doubted it. How could this be a MILLION DOLLAR IDEA it’s just an eBook!?

But after this 8-day Big Dreams Decision-making process, I’ve realised how it fits into my SIMPLE BUSINESS PLAN. Of SIMPLICITY.

Focused 80% of my energy on Big Dreams Bootcamp, running that live, because of this work, the work I’m walking you through right now, this is the way you know which way to go and when. This is THE WORK. And the eBook for Business Butterfly Effect #SocialNutCracking is another piece to my SIMPLICITY PUZZLE. That gives me the freedom to focus primarily on funning Big Dreams Bootcamp LIVE ALL YEAR ROUND!

I then wrote my next 2 BIG DREAMS and went through the Big Dreams Bootcamp process on both. And then full circle I saw the bigger picture and how the eBook as a little Big Dreams Decision fits into the bigger picture. Now it feels like it has a purpose. So no matter how hard it is to put together.

I came back to the caravan, feeling like the sunshine was pulsating out of my bones and body. I felt so different.

I got back to the caravan and took the kids to the beach. Played 100% presently with them. I had shifted, I had turned a corner, I was no longer in Big Dreams Decision LIMBO LAND. I had landed solidly in a Big Dreams Decision. I played with the kids until they were done.

I came back to the caravan. Messaged my Soul Sister here, I was meant to meet her for 4 hours! So I thought I wouldn’t get any work on the project is done today, totally fine with me. But she had a last minute thing come up, so we couldn’t! The kids come running in, “Can we go to the pool!” << they haven’t asked that for days. So Mark says, I’m going to go get a coffee and then sit out in the sun with them.

This is how the Big Dreams Bootcamp process works.

#11 – Start (AKA Big Dreams Bootcamp yourself) 

And all of a sudden a WINDOW of OPPORTUNITY opened up for me to finish writing this 6000-word blog post for you and then get started on the actual execution of the eBook. The ones that have read this far, you’re the Big Dreamers and watching this process, seeing this process unravel and unfold is going to give you so much belief in yourself that you can do it too. That when you’re going through the discombobulation of the Big Dreams Decision process. That you’re totally normal (well you’re not normal, you’re a Big Dreamer) but the unravelling you go through is a part of the process and crucial to you being able to manifest time, like I just manifested 4 hours to work on this project, where my head is focused, my heart is ready and I am seeing how this little project fits into my biggest dreams. It all makes sense. It’s all clear.

And it became time to start. And now I start.

Love Jana xx

“Every dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” —Harriet Tubman

Are you a Big Dreamer, who wants a process, a system, a place to go when you’re in the midst of a Big Dream and it’s all going wrong and you can’t seem to steady your stance and get in a place of PRODUCTivity, PASSION, PRODUCING? Want to feel like you actually can achieve that very thing you’ve been dreaming of?

A life you love.

A business based on doing what you love.

A business gives you the ability to be with the people you love.

A business that gives you the freedom to live the life you love.

If that is your big dream. If you have big dreams and little time, I created Big Dreams Bootcamp as your system that’ll save you time. It’s not boring as bat shit time management BS. It’s a full-scale 360-degree experience, that helps you have a tool for your daily life of being a big dreamer. You’ll feel like you have a steering stick for everyday you go off course of your Big Dream. You’ll feel like you’re able to keep pointing your ship towards your big dreams and you’ll find that you actually start to achieve and tick off those Big Dreams that have been sitting on your Big Dreams mantlepiece forever. You get to set your Big Dreams and then watch the little Big Dreams Decision that shows up in your sphere showing you what way to go, what to act on and what to leave be.

Big Dreams Bootcamp will be your forever steering stick. Your daily ritual, your weekly success system. And then once you’ve mastered it – which takes no time at all (where you feel like you pull time out of thin air and so you can work on those big dreams) you’ll be able and feel free to put your own flavour, your own preferences on it and make it your own.

Big Dreams Bootcamp is a priority, productivity and project planning system that makes your big dreaming life fun and colourful and definitely eventful. If you’re ready to have a system for helping you achieve your Big Dreams. Big Dreams Bootcamp = MINE.

Big Dreams Bootcamp can be yours too – there’s a seat inside that has your BigDreamer’s name on it. See you inside. www.bigdreamsbootcamp.com/join 


This was the first time I taught the #SocialMediaNutCracking themed workshop. And the teachings just streamed from me, as if they were an extension of me. The workshop was incredible, the women were amazing. Like beyond! And after the Business Butterfly Effect workshop, I couldn’t sleep. I had to bottle up the strategies that streamed through me. Somehow managing to capture my style of un-internet-marketing and bottling it up into something so tangible you can touch it. So you can leverage your online into something tangible. PERTH WESTERN AUSTRALIA – Workshop booking link here.