BIG dreams without going BANANAS 🍌

It SUCKED so bad.

I recently recorded a PODCAST that I didn’t want anyone to listen too… ABOUT BIG DREAMS DIPS Because the truth of it, was kinda so scary.

It’s something that someone who wants to keep their credibility DOES NOT SHARE.

And to be honest I no longer particularly CARE about CREDIBILITY nor my IMAGE, I care about your BIG DREAMS and you can’t achieve your BIG DREAMS if everyone you look to is telling you BS lies and making you feel like some BROKEN down loser, incapable of their big dreams, because you can never be as ordered, as professional, as perfect as their personas. So I decided to BREAK the pattern of the BIG entrepreneurs who don’t share the PLATEAUS and the DIPS. Because like I say.

You can’t ENJOY THE RISE, IF YOU NEVER SAW THE FALL (because that’s when a DREAMER is really MADE)

But here’s the thing. I had all the trimmings of success.

All the trills.
All the frills.
All the tassels.
All the trimmings. Of success.

And to be honest, it SUCKED. So bad, it made me SO MAD at my big dreams.

I’d spent a almost a freakin DECADE sticking it to the stereotype of what a TEENAGE MUM, high school drop out was meant to BECOME.

And I got there.

Almost (at that point) a DEDICATED DECADE of going after my dreams, of being RICH, SUCCESSFUL and at home with my kids.

And like I said, I achieved it and it sucked so bad.


I felt like the person I had BECOME to get there, was so far from the person I was willing to live with, when I got there.

Someone who didn’t care much for family… what do they know.

Someone who didn’t care much to be around unambitious, seemingly simple people.

Someone who didn’t pay much mind to BALANCE, pffft BALANCE who the heck needs that, that’s for losers.

Who was I?

I was trying to tell myself IT WAS THEM.

But who was I kidding.

I ended up BECOMING someone who drove me BANANAS.

So fucking confused.

I’ve got all this money…

I’ve got to BUY STUFF…. STUFF, LOTS OF STUFF! TO show people I’m successful, I’ve made it. It’s a symbol.

I’ve got to DO STUFF… STUFF, LOTS OF STUFF to show people I’m successful. I’ve made it.

I’ve got to go to RESORTS instead of CAMPING. Because that’s what successful people do right?

Rich and Successful people, don’t go CAMPING? Who the heck wants to go to bed with sand and grit in their bed (me for one!).

I love doing BUSH WEES when CAMPING (THERE I said it). Looking up at the stars and just feeling so CONNECTED with whatever and everything.

I sent myself absolutely BANANAS trying to figure out how to PLAY and ACT the rich and successful person.

I mean finally after almost a decade of dedicating myself to my dreams, I had arrived, I had a 6 figure business… I had it made and I had made it.

The biggest thing I hadn’t accounted for.

That you have to learn how to be your OWN KIND OF RICH & SUCCESSFUL person.


Because it’ll make you go BANANAS. It’ll make you go INSANE (I can imagine you having sand and grit in your camping bed, may make you BANANAS hehe)

And that my friends is when you feel like you’ve SACRIFICED your SOUL & SANITY for SUCCESS.

And you’re left BITTER.


Because this is NOT how BIG DREAMS are meant to feel.


They’re meant to FEEL like this…

Like you’ve BECOME everything you ALREADY are inside.

Like you’re FREE truly FREE to love what you love. Do what you do.

When it finally feels like YOURS and YOURS only.


I don’t know about you.

But I’m SICK of STUFF and I spent 4 months SURGICALLY removing myself from all my STUFF (FOR THIS BIG DREAMS TRIP). And realised how UNFREE I was.

I mean I had this LAPTOP business, and here I was… SUFFOCATED with STUFF (and I’m not even a hoarder, I’m an insane declutterer, but here I was with STUFF).

Before we could take off on this BIG DREAMS TRIP, where I would be doing many BUSH WEE’S under the MOON (yeah I said it again LOL)… I had to SURGICALLY remove myself from all the STUFF and

I realised I was so FAR FROM FREE it was a joke.

And this comes back to going BANANAS.

Unless you ESTABLISH upfront, WTF you’re seeking a BIG DREAM for?

And whether or not you’re WILLING to claim that BIG DREAM as yours.

With your SHAPE.

With your FLAVOUR.

With your BLEND.

Whether you’re a BUSH WEE’ER when CAMPING and just freakin love that. Or whether you love your GUCCI (I’m pretty sure you’re not that kinda girl if you follow my stuff, since I recently DECLARED I got my DENIM SHORTS at an OPP SHOP and I’m RICH as F!).

I had to come to TERMS with the fact that RICH & SUCCESSFUL is NOT a SHOW.

Rich & Successful is NOT a FACADE that you put on, to LOOK a PART.

You have to be BRAVE enough to do it your way.

Really your way.

You have to be BOLD enough to BELIEVE that the way you want to be as a RICH & SUCCESSFUL person is more than OK, it’s the ONLY WAY NOT TO GO BANANAS.

Take it from me.

You’ll be so god-damn confused (you might be now) trying to RECONCILE what RICH & SUCCESSFUL means vs what you want it to mean.

A recent conversation I was having with a BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMPER highlighted this.


  • “I have to be MORE ORDERED”
  • “I have to get more STRUCTURED”
  • “I have to be more CONSISTENT”
  • “I have to be more PROFESSIONAL”

“I have to look the PART”

Or for me it was

“I have to stay in RESORTS vs CAMPING”

“I have to buy BAGS and SHOES and STUFF… yep that’s what RICH & SUCCESSFUL people do, and I’m Rich and Successful and that’s what I’ll do”

To LOOK the part.

To ACT the part.

Funny thing was – I did NONE of that to get where I got.

So why did I send myself BANANAS trying to be someone I wasn’t? I got it in my BELIEF SYSTEM that I had to BE a certain way, now I had MADE it.

I say you don’t have to be anything BUT YOURSELF.

If you think you have to be all these things.

But know that you’re NONE of these things.

Then you’ll never LET yourself achieve it.

Or if you DO, then you’ll never let yourself KEEP it.

So save yourself from going BANANAS over your BIG DREAMS.

And look around.

The PEOPLE you love. You get to keep them.

The PLACES you love visiting. You get to keep going there (and more).

The STUFF you love. You get to keep it.

The STUFF you used to STUFF your FEELINGS down, yeah that’s gotta go.

You’ll be SURPRISED how much STRESS that STUFF causes you and when it’s gone how much closer to FREE you’ll BE.

Just LET go of the STUFF and you’ll find yourself.

I mean seriously.

I remember going on SHOPPING SPREES with all this excess money I had and I’d come home and have a heart palpitation. I didn’t want more STUFF, I wanted more SUBSTANCE and it was SENDING me BANANAS.

If only I could’ve shook myself then…

Ohhhh no, I needed 15 months of RECONCILIATION trying to figure out how to BE the rich and successful me, to figure out.

That SUCCESS is for yourself and it’s not for SHOW.

It’s when you FEEL on the INSIDE, what you SAY on the OUTSIDE.


SUCCESS is when you’ve RECONCILED with yourself that the way you WANT IT TO WORK, WILL WORK.

When you RECONCILE that, you’ll stop going BANANAS.

SUCCESS is only and ever what you feel inside. It’s not for SHOW. It’s just for your SOUL and when you CEASE to NEED to look the part, act the part… you’ll stop feeling like you SACRIFICED your SANITY for SUCCESS…

and there’s nothing SWEETER than that.

When it finally feels like YOURS and YOURS only.


Love Jana xx
Jana Kingsford B.Comm PR
If DREAM CHASER was a CAREER that would be mine.
If DREAM ACHIEVER was a DEGREE that’s what I help you DO.

big dreams without going bananas jana kingsford

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