6FigBiz & 6 Months!

My 6 Figure Business plan is simple. If you want the spoiler alert, you don’t even need to buy the book:


(📖 get it bit.ly/6FIGBIZBOOKLET )

Why 6 months the magic number? = SPEED…

SPEED… what’s the first thing you think of?

  • 🏁 SPEED = CRASH?

I hear the word SPEED and my brain associates it with DRUGS!

I can relate because those were my ASSOCIATIONS too. The thing is.

My business works when I have SPEED to market. 
My business slows when I’m a SLUG to market.

So you can walk around with your negative associations to SPEED. Or you can FLIP IT!

Do you find deep and meaningful value in the people online who post (AKA COMMUNICATE) once a month?

ONE video.
ONE maybe TWO if you’re lucky writing pieces a month?
ONE insta post a week?
ONE FB post a fortnight?

I’ve tried it SLOW.
I’ve tried it FAST.

Producing, creating and committing well before you’ve got your ducks lined up = SPEED.

Let’s say it this way.


If you make $20,000 a year in your business over 5 years = CONGRATS you generated 6 figures in your biz!

What’s the difference between a 6 Figure Business owner and someone who slogs it out for a DECADE?


SPEEDING up your rate of creation.
SPEEDING up your rate of communication.

That’s all.

You’re just speeding up time and condensing it into a year.

So what’s between YOU and having your #6FigBiz = TIME. So we have 1 option.

Either create 6 figures of income over 6 years. Or SPEED shit up and make it over 6 months. It’s not rocket science. It’s just plain maths. Condense the time you fuck around.

I’m telling you. It’s 100000% more painful to slog it out for 6 years and make $20,000K per year. Than it is to just condense the time frame and build your body of work in 6 months. If it doesn’t work, you spend the next 6 months making a new body of work and you just keep going FASTER, with GRACE+SPEED.

Something will STICK.

SPEEDING up your rate of implementation = SPEEDING up your RATE of working on yourself, busting your blocks and buttkicking yourself when you’re telling yourself the same ol bullshit stories about going slow, don’t rush, calm down, tone it down!

YEAH… did you just see how much of a STORY we’ve created about going FAST!

Whatever you’re RESISTING to what I’m saying now is showing you the level of RESISTANCE you have about SPEED and going a little faster. That’s why I get my clients to create their body of work in 6 months. It lets us see in plain as day ways – the whole drawn out success cycle CONDENSED in such a short amount of time. We get to catch the:


and whatever else stuff happens when you’re trying to go out there and create. It’s like PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT on SPEED! WE get to get to the bottom of the BULLSHIT stories and therefore get through the BIG BLOCKING BOULDERS that have been slowing you down your whole life.

If you LOVE the feeling of SLOW, SLOG, STRUNG out success… Keep going slow.

If you are ready to create your #6FigBiz, my strategy is simple, yet painstakingly confronting the amount of work you do on yourself is more than most (even committed personal development junkies) will do in a decade.


CAUSE YOU’RE IN THE RING DOING IT. The only place where you get to see really what is holding you bakc. Blocking you.

Love Jana xx

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