6 Life Lessons Learned Travelling 6 States in 6 Months (AKA Conquering THE BIG LAP of Australia 🇦🇺)


you know when you know something intellectually and you never quite fathom it fully? That was ME + GRATITUDE. We was like teenagers. Gratitude in your cells for what is right in front of you, no matter what it is, the worse it is, the more you need to call on gratitude. Grateful for what’s brought you to this moment. Grateful for everything horrible and amazing in this moment. Gratitude takes mental courage, few fathom. I’m so grateful to be amongst the few that can feel gratitude when you’re in the most mentally, spiritually, physical and emotional. I learnt that gratitude for the gritty bits of life is a sign of ones character and it’s what gets you to keep growing, when you feel you can’t keep going.


to understand flow, you have to cellularly love the ebbs, in your blood, your bones and heart. With great flow, comes great ebbs. Your inner strength, inner courage to keep your equilibrium during the ebbs. Instead of freakin the fuck out and seeing it as a sign of failure. I for the first time, had to learn how to flow with the ebb. How to go all the way down, faster, better, quicker. Ebbs take longer to go through and recover, the more you grip onto the edges. Don’t crawl and cling to the edges of the fall when the ebb is taking you all the way down. Let it take you. The faster you let the ebb have it’s way with you and you keep your wits about you, the faster the flow returns at levels matched with the degree of ebb riding, hands free. Being a flow rider, is determined by your courage to be an ebb rider too… hands free. Feast and famine. Ups and downs. Hands free. Ride the waves. I finally stopped freakin the fuck out in an ebb and just keep showing the fuck up with all you have, flow or no flow. That’s how a flow rider, flows.


there’s no 2 ways about it. Everything you ever wanted comes on the otherside of adopting the energetics of what you want… now. There’s a full stop at the end of a sentence, but in the spirit of matching each lesson with equal air time, I’m a gonna expand a bit. I woke up one day. I think in the first month of our travels. The ups and downs of travelling. The good days and the hard as heck days. It’s like personal development on steroids. Everyday, another trigger point, another issue, circumstance, fuck up… whatever it is, they just keep coming and I at some point was like – holy shit I feel like I’ve had a year of personal development in one freakin day! Dealing with stuff, that you just don’t have to deal with when you’re all tucked up comfy on your couch, with a class of red in your hand and TV remote in the other. It’s just personal development on steroids that’s all I can say. Hello inner child stuff, hello self doubt, self talk, trigger points, soft spots… every day. Sometimes every hour. I made a decision, somewhere in the first month. That this was going to be a trip of a lifetime, or a nightmare. Unless I decided the end goal of how I wanted to feel. What was the energy that I was searching for? Floating in the wind of energetics and feelings, just wasn’t cutting it. There was no return spot, emotionally or mentally. It was happy, sad, angry, mad. So I decided. I get to choose how I feel and I’ll act in sync with that. ENGAGED ENTHUSIASM. So everyday, going to the caravan park showers, it was engaged enthusiasm. Every night as I had to walk under the stars to the toilets, engaged enthusiasm. FB LIVES and client sessions in the car… engaged enthusiasm = my best fb lives have been in the #CarOffice. You get to choose your energetics, decide what you want them to be and commit daily to return constantly to that energetic state. Full stop.

— I learnt those lessons in the 1st month. And embodied them for the whole trip. I packed them like a backpack and I have to say without them front of mind, I probably would’ve lost my mind.

I learnt the next 3 in the last month of the travels.


they’re feelings at either ends of the same stick. I know I’ve joked in my years of “It hurts so good” you know when you’ve got aching muscles from wakeboarding and getting them massaged is excruciating and good at the same time? Or is that just me. Travelling around Australia, everyday was filled to the brim with pleasure. Following the coast of Australia we got to visit the most breathtaking beaches in the world. Witness the 12 apostles. Be mesmerised by blow holes, mountains, waterfalls, whales, sunsets, sunrises, moonrises, waterholes, shell beaches, views… just everyday was a day that’d take your breath away. And then the pain. Painstakingly long drives. Pain with tired, exhausted family of 5 jumping out after 12 hours driving, only to be greeted by a campground with no toilet or running water and not another town for more than 6 hours. It was painstaking. Long story short, anyone who has travelled around Australia or anywhere for more than a week, will know that pain and pleasure are sides of the same stick and the side you focus on, is the side you get more of. And for me, to make it through the painful side of the pleasure was to always return to gratitude.


I learned this lesson in the most alchemistic way. One day in Airlie Beach we went to the much talked about “Nibbles & Chat” at the caravan park meeting spot. We went there, but it was all Grey Nomads, some Grey Nomads are amazing, but this bunch, kind of ignored us… all good. Anyway, we just ate camembert and crackers and chatted to ourselves until a couple came up to us and started chatting. There was something about them, that I just gravitated to. They from different worlds, you can just tell energetically can’t you!? Anyway, underneath this I was battling with Resistance. I was in deep resistance around my #MEx3METHOD booklet that had been written and then deleted and I just couldn’t get myself to work on it. It had a huge personal story that I was worried about sharing. It also just revealed a lot of raw truths, that I knew I had to share. I have my process for resistance but I was never able to fully have an anecdote for it. It was hit and miss. The regular “War of Art” by Steven Pressfield type recommendations etc… all the tried and true personal development. Then I wrote a post, it was about letting go and going all the way down with resistance, letting it take you. Giving up in a sense in order to get to the other side, it’s a weird paradox. And I asked myself – “what’s the opposite of RESISTANCE?”… Anyway, one thing led to another and these Grey Nomads showed us their fancy caravan… We were travelling in an old Jayco, after we’d committed to selling everything and stripping everything back to live as minimalists for the year, just to really get lost and find ourselves without all the STUFF! Anyway, the couple came back to our caravan later on with a book in hand. It was their book. And opened it to a page and the first words said THE OPPOSITE OF RESISTANCE IS ACCEPTANCE. I was like DUH how could I have missed that + OMG I’VE FINALLY FOUND A WORD FOR IT. It’s not letting go, it’s not giving up, it’s not surrendering, it was ACCEPTING. I learnt that in a deeper way than I’d ever learnt it before. Accepting your resistance, rather than resisting the resistance and trying to make it go away, creates more resistance. Accept and move through.


the alchemist, magical powers of appreciation. Before our big trip. I’d always thought appreciation and gratitude were the same thing. Turns out gratitude is gratefulness for the grittyness of your life. The bits when you announce your BIG DREAMS TRIP to the whole family and start packing and a week later your dad rings you and says “I HAVE CANCER”. Or your “SISTER IS IN HOSPITAL” a week after that. Yep that’s how I learnt gratitude. And that actually happened. While we were packing up our whole life to go on a trip of a lifetime. There were moments of omg I can’t do this. Gratitude got us to grow through the grittiness. APPRECIATION got me to activate the alchemy. Appreciating everything that ws working, sending focus and energy to all the things that were moving, magic and momentum. Appreciating the sun, appreciating the sky, appreciation is an increasing energy. Gratitude is an acceptance energy. Gratitude puts you in a state of acceptance and grace. Appreciation puts you in an alchemist state of choosing what you do want to increase and appreciate in your life. The feeling of peace as you watch the sunrise, appreciation. Appreciation your childs smile and therefore creating an alchemistical energy that seems to create more things for your baby to smile about. It’s appreciation. I learnt appreciation. Of the big things and the little things. The biggest moments like watching the waves crash into the 12 apostles or sitting under a waterfall and feeling the pelting power of water and mother nature soak through you. Appreciation for the purest white grains of sand on Whitehaven Beach, tears of appreciation for the whales 10metres away wildly close to the rugged coastline putting on a show for us. I learnt appreciation in a level and a layer I’d never felt it before. Appreicate what you want to appreciate. I really really got that and therefore I got so much more to appreciate. It’s kinda alchemistic don’t ya think.

And those 6 life lessons and so much more are what I learnt in 6 months of travelling though and around 6 states of Australia in a caravan with my family of 5. Where we got so lost we found ourselves wanting to remain forever lost in the love of life.

Love Jana xx

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